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LED Lighting - Is This the Answer for Lighting?

Updated on December 18, 2009

LED lighting has become much more prevalent in the last decade.  Yet there are few states that offer rebates or incentives to the installation of LED lighting for residential or commercial lighting.  Why is there such a lack of government support for LED products?

The main reason is a lack of scientific studies performed by US governmental agencies.  I have done a multitude of research of LED light bulbs, and have found out that there are so many different types and manufacturers, that it is hard to find exactly what you are looking for. 

To understand what to compare in terms of conventional light bulbs vs. LED light bulbs, I contracted to have LED T8 replacement light bulbs installed in a 14,000 square foot commercial building, replacing the standard T8 fluorescent light bulbs. This project cost roughly $43,000 for the bulbs and the electrician's labor.  This project was performed as an energy saving measure for the owner of the building as he pays all the utility costs including utilities for his rental areas. 

Fluorescent T8 Light Bulbs

The standard fluorescent T8 light bulbs use about 40 watts of energy per bulb.  The most efficient T8 fluorescent bulb on the market uses 32 watts of energy per bulb. 

The lumen (used to measure the amount of light projected) of a T8 fluorescent light bulb is 2700 lumen per bulb when new, and slowly diminish over time.

The average life span of a T8 fluorescent light bulb is 10,000 - 15,000 hours or about a year and a half.  The best T-8 fluorescent bulbs last 20,000 hours.

Fluorescent light bulbs have been touted in recent years as the light bulb to buy for energy efficiency because they use less wattage than a standard light bulb and for residential use, yield energy savings across the board.  Because they are inexpensive to begin with and offer a government rebate program, they are more popular than ever. 

When originally looking at this light bulb replacement job, I looked at the 32 watt efficient T8 fluorescent bulbs.  Their price tage was $22,000 for bulbs and materials and my Wisconsin Focus on Energy rebate was $1,800. 

LED T8 Replacement Bulbs

The LED T8 replacement bulbs that we chose (out of a huge variety of options) use 18.8 watts per bulb.  Most of the LED bulbs that we looked at were between 20 and 24 watts per bulb.

The lumen per bulb are 3300 lumen.  This does not diminish over time as the LED light is produced through small light bulbs that cover about 180 degrees of the tube style bulb.  The bulbs we chose have 402 individual bulbs.  The theory is that if one or two little lights burn out, it should not affect the performance of the over all bulbs much making it less likely for an entire bulb fixture to burn out.  Most of the LED bulbs we looked at were 2000 lumen and had between 350 and 400 individual light bulbs.

The average life span of the LED T8 light bulbs are 50,000 hours or roughly 5 years.  There is a 3 year full replacement warranty on the bulbs.  Most of the bulbs we found were 30,000 hours with a 1 year full replacement warranty.

Searching for the right kind of bulbs was the hardest part of this project.  There are literally hundreds of different choices of manufacturers all claiming to be the best.  In the end, I have my electrician go through his supplier to get what we were looking for for the price we were willing to pay.

Unfortunately, there were no rebate offers for LED bulbs of this nature.  This was a disappointment, but we were optimistic that the energy savings would be large enough to off set the cost of the project.

Installing the LED T8 Bulbs

The installation went very smoothly and took only 4 days to complete.  In the end, 480 T8 fluorescent light bulbs came out, and 355 LED T8 light bulbs went in.  The reason we could use less is because the lights seemed so much brighter than before. The light is a very white light unlike the fluorescents which is a very yellow light. 

To install the new bulbs, all that was required was the electricians directly wiring the fixture, bypassing the original transformer.  One downfall of this is that the fixtures can not be used with fluorescent bulbs again and would have to be rewired.   

The bulbs themselves put out hardly any heat.  The bulbs remain normal to the touch even after 4 hours of being on. 

The Results

We expected to see at least a 40% drop in lighting usage power across the board and at least 15% less usage overall.  This would mean the project would pay for itself in about 5-7 years. 

After 6 months of energy bills, the largest impact was in the summer months were it actually decreased the amount the Roof Top Units ran by 20% during the day because of the substantial decrease in heat from the lights. 

The lighting electrical usage went down by an average of 48%.  The lower level renters also complimented the building owner saying it had "brightened the place up a bit."

The end result was an average 28% savings per month on total electrical usage for the entire building.  This project pays for itself in 3.5 years.


LED light bulbs are efficient on many frontiers. However, they would not be nearly as effective on a small scale project because of the cost.  If you have a building with a lot of light bulbs like this one, it is a good idea take a look at how much energy you could save with this simple efficiencyupgrade.  If you have a small building with T8 fixtures, the 32 watt fluorescents may be a better option.

If you are unsure about what energy upgrades to perform, you can hire an energy consultant.  They will walk through your building with you and show you the different projects that you can do to make your building more efficient.  Depending on the state you live in, rebates may be available.



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      6 years ago

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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Very happy to see your article, I very much to like and agree with your point of view. Thank you for sharing. At the same time,i love E27 Led Bulb and Led Panel Light very much. Thanks!!

    • profile image

      led lighting 

      7 years ago

      led fluorescent lights are so popuar to replace conventional lighting and make huge savings.

    • profile image

      Led Fluorescent Lights 

      7 years ago

      Not all led lights are as bright as traditional lighting,excpet the led fluorescent light tubes.They sometimes are more brighter, but it depends on which manufacturer make them.If you find a right supplier as well as make a good budget, you will save a lot from electric duties.Good Luck.

    • Energy Guild profile imageAUTHOR

      Energy Guild 

      8 years ago from Ripon, WI

      The lights run between $60 and $90 per bulb. The labor for this was the inexpensive part. Of the $43,000 cost of the project, over $35,000 wa the cost of the bulbs. These particular bulbs fit a standard T8 flourecent light fixture. They do make bulbs for T12, T10, and T6 fixtures as well. When purchasing these bulbs, pay particular attention to the number of lights on a single tube. For instance, a bulb with 400 lights will be brighter and truer than a bulb with 350 lights. Hope this is helpful.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      How much did the tubes cost? What labor was required from the electrician?

    • profile image

      David Owens 

      8 years ago

      You know that the DOE CALiPER testing suggests that these T8 LED tube lights are getting a lot better. They are still not as good as some of the integral panel fixtures, but they are easier to install, so a good choice. Lots more info on LED tube lights at


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