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LGBT+ Items You Should Know About

Updated on July 2, 2020

Whether it is pronounced or subtle, I think it is important that if you can or are in a safe space to do so is to get some pride items. I have over the years gathered some of my own pride items and here are some of my favorites.

I have gotten my 3ft x 5ft nonbinary flag from a place on Amazon called Anley Pride Flag. I have also gotten my 3ft x 5ft asexual and panromantic flag from a place on Amazon called FLAGINK.

For would I recommend getting your flags from FLAGINK versus Anley Pride Flag to get your flag, I do not see a difference in quality. I think it just boils down to the cost as I know sometimes some flags are more expensive than others. Also shipping costs, I have Amazon Prime so they were both free shipping. FLAGINK does have a bigger selection of flags from what I saw on Amazon than what Anley did. However, no matter where you buy your pride flag, I definitely say get your gender/sexualtiy/romatic flag if you are in a safe place to do so.

But even if you can’t get a big one, you might be able to find small pride flags. For a little bit I knew Target sold the little flags. I have an asexual and nonbinary small flag but they came from my university pride club.

My next product is a LGBTQ Flag from the store Spencers. This flag is awesome and a definite must for anyone who likes showing off more than what they identify as. It includes flags in hearts of the following orientations: genderqueer, intersex, Asexual, Lesbian, Genderfluid, Nonbinary, Bear culture (for gay men), bisexual, Polyamorous, Gay, Polysexual, Transgender and Pansexual. However, my only problem with this product is that these flags are repeated four times and I feel like with how many flags there are in the community they could expand to include Demisexual, Aromantic, Agender and more. But overall this flag is very nice and a good flag for someone who wants to show they are proud to be a part of this community.

One of my favorite pride designs I have ever seen is the HUMAN design. Each letter of HUMAN has a different flag. The most come line up is H is the asexual flag, U is the bisexual flag, M is the gay flag, A is the transgender and N is the pansexual flag. I currently have this design on a big flag from Spencer’s but I’ve seen it as a t-shirt and stickers before. I have some variations where there are different flags as each letter. However the asexual, bisexual, gay, transgender and pansexual (in this order) is the most popular variation that I have seen on products.

Moving away from the flags, there is a lot of clothing I have seen for pride. The only one I have which is not really pride but it is a button down shirt that is like a soft wash tie dye with the colors of the rainbow. I like it as it is soft and the colors are nice. My one negative is the biggest size is a 2xl so it is a bit tight on my shoulders but overall I would recommend this shirt. However just a note is typically I do not see pride stuff in bigger (3xl sizes and up)

If you are a fan of the card game Cards Against Humanity then you should consider the pride expansion pack. It has a lot of funny cards related to pride.I have played with the pride pack before with friends and it does make it hilarious if those cards are used. In addition, I have friends in the community so they understand these jokes as well so overall I love this expansion pack.

Another pride item I like are buttons and pins. Myself, I am a huge button and pin collector and these are such good subtle ways to show your pride. An average button size is 1.25 inches which is about the size of an American quarter. You can attach these to bags, purses, jackets, hats and more. One of my favorite places to get pride buttons is a store called Hot Topic. At all the stores I have been at you have to go diving for the buttons in a bin sort of thing. However it is so rewarding when you find the buttons you like. I have buttons from drag queens to random ones with rainbows to quotes. They also have enable pins which you don’t have to go diving for. In addition you can get buttons with your pronouns or even orientation. I know the pride club at my university would give away free buttons with the pronouns and some orientations. However, you could probably find these online. I have seen a bunch of pins and buttons on Amazon and Etsy but personally have not bought them.

I have also gotten a metal water bottle from Five Below, one that has a picture of a heart with the rainbow flag and the other one that says love is love. These water bottles are good except if you drop them the bottom metal might crack but it is still functional. In addition the designs do kind of some off depending on how much you use them.

My final product is a lanyard that says “Love Wins”. This lanyard is perfect because it is something that you can use everyday and hide if needed. It did have a little heart pendant and a plastic card holder but I just removed the plastic card holder and used it for my keys.


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