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Lady Gardener Gloves a Perfect Gift for Gardening

Updated on December 14, 2014

Why Lady Gardener Gloves I hear you Ask?

Being a woman gardener (some might say a lady) I know the importance of gloves when out in the garden doing my gardening tasks. Gardener gloves also make a great affordable present!

Modern gardening gloves will last a long time too so they remain a solid investment. In fact you’ll probably become quite attached to them over the course of your gardening experiences. Gloves for the gardener also make excellent top Christmas and Birthday presents. Although anyone would be glad to receive a pair of gardening gloves for a present any time of year. Once you know someone likes gardening, a pair of gloves remains an essential affordable and welcome present.

Typical gardening tasks for a lady that requires gloves:

  • Pruning roses
  • Weeding
  • Clearing out roots
  • Brambles
  • Pulling out nettles
  • Potting
  • Digging
  • Forking
  • Other heavy-duty tasks....

....the list goes on-and-on, but the most important aspect of these gardening tasks, no in fact the priority, is protection. Protecting your hands and fingers from dirt, mud, soil, and free from injury will make you a happier gardener. Gardening gloves offer the best protection for any avid gardener.

Gloves help Protect Hands from the Honey Locust Thorns

The honey locust (also known as the thorny locust - latin Gleditsia triacanthos) has needle-type thorns on the trunk.
The honey locust (also known as the thorny locust - latin Gleditsia triacanthos) has needle-type thorns on the trunk.

How can you Decide what’s the Most Important Aspect of Gardening Gloves as a Present?

What's the Top Quality you look for in Gardening Gloves?

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The Gold Leaf RHS Approved Lady Gardener Glove

Royal Horticulture Approved RHS Gardener Gloves

Gold Leaf Ladies "Dry Touch" Gardening Gloves

I personally own two pairs of these clothes. Their superior status, quality, and material make these the number one choice for the lady gardener. In fact the Gold Leaf is the only gardening gloves that are officially endorsed by the UK based Royal Horticultural Society which was founded in 1804 in London, England. The RHS gained its Royal Charter in 1861, which was huge news and immense recognition for Horticulture as an industry within England.

Durable and Top Cow Grain Leather

Superb luxury for any lady the durability of the supple waterproof leather’s really outstanding. This water resistant coating still leaves the gloves supple, which is a perfect feature for ladies who like to garden. The flexible leather is a result of the use of Cow Grain leather which is the outermost and smoothest part of the hide. Tanners traditionally split leather into different layers “splits”, each with its own quality and uses. The top grain is the most luxurious and exceeds the first and second “splits”.

buy cheap and you'll buy twice

Unique Waterproof Leather and Exceptional Warmth

In addition to the quality of leather is the application of a secret process called “Dry Touch”. In fact the “Dry Touch” is a trademark feature of the Jayco Company who produces the Gold Leaf ladies gardening glove. The interior’s fully lined so they create the perfect warm environment to keep your hands and fingers snug and cosy.

Even during warm summer days the Gold Leaf ladies gardening glove will keep your hands cool as well as warm in the winter months. The wicking ability of the material used in the lining is perfect whilst the softness of the material also protects against blistering too! Buying cheaper gloves may prove to be a false economy and although these retail far higher than the other lady gardener gloves reviewed here they do offer exceptional quality, feel, and even look. When I purchased my first pair I actually didn’t want to wear them in the Garden. They look and feel that great.

Decent Lady Gardening Gloves as a present will protect your loved one from Rose Thorns
Decent Lady Gardening Gloves as a present will protect your loved one from Rose Thorns

Town & Country TGL110M Medium Superior Leather Lined Gardening Gloves for Ladies

Town & Country TGL110M "Superior Leather" Lined Gardening Gloves for Ladies

These superior leather gloves offer everything the lady gardener could look for. Made from tough leather the look and feel of these gloves will match any duty you may be performing whilst in the garden. In addition they can also be used for other heavy-duty tasks. The key features of these remarkable yet lovely gloves are:

Keystone thumb detail

A keystone thumb is essentially a reinforced area of the glove which receives the most wear when being used. Think of it as reinforcement for the area that is most likely to wear over time, if gardening or carrying out other tasks.

Fitted wrist

The stitching of the leather at the wrist area provides both a comfortable fit and prevents dirt and detritus from entering the enclosed hand. It’s lightly elasticized so it reacts to the movement of the hand whilst worn.

TGL110M Warmth for Keeping Hands and Fingers Cosy

The Town and Country branding on the back of the glove helps affirm brand identity and is a real show of craftsmanship all women gardeners will admire and appreciate. Beautiful crafting sets the glove apart from other inferior women’s gardening gloves. In terms of protection the glove offers superb resistance to penetrating thorns and splinters.

Protection and Warmth

The leather’s thick enough to resist all but the mightiest prickles, spikes, and barbs. Perfect for cutting roses and removing the trimmings, the lining helps keep your hands and fingers warm on those chilly spring and autumn days when gardening takes on a whole new level. These gloves offer the four things that the lady gardener seeks:

  • Protection
  • Comfort
  • Durability
  • Warmth

Once the leather starts to soften (usually after been worn a few times) these gloves make working with gardening tools and implements hassle-free. The quality and thickness of the leather makes clearing nettles, brambles, holly, hawthorn, and thistles a breeze as they withstand the potentially harm these annoying weeds can cause. Robust design means these lady gardener gloves will last a very long time.

Briers Pink Lady Gardener Gloves Pink Lady

Soft Lining creates warmth and insulation against the cold

To increase the level of comfort the T&C Lady gardening glove is soft lined throughout the glove area. This helps create a snug feeling that both keeps your hands and fingers warm whilst also offering a fair degree of protection from rubbing.

Luxury Tan Real Leather

By offering real leather these perfect lady gardener gloves present superior style as well as durability and will last many years.

Suede Palm

Again reinforcement of the glove is a major strength of this woman’s glove and helps the gloves longevity in all tasks.

Town & Country TGL200M "Green Latex" Ladies Master Gardening Gloves

These bright green gardening gloves have several distinct features that make these pair a perfect gift for the woman gardener. In terms of protection, as a lady you’ll be glad to hear that they offer great protection from thorn penetration as well as other sharp objects. The unique material will also help you grasp and grip tools as well as objects in either wet or dry. Think of how slippery branches and bushes become when they’re wet. With these you’ll have a firm hold on the vegetation you’re working on. No longer will have to risk potential injury or harm from tools that slip from your hands when in use. Feel protected when pruning, potting, and weeding.

The Cotton Jersey Interior and Crinkle Exterior

The material on the outside is latex which provides waterproof protection from rain and water. The interior of the glove is made from 100% cotton Jersey. Jersey cotton is consistently used in clothing manufacture throughout the world. It was originally made in Jersey in the Channel Islands in Medieval times. Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel used Jersey fabric for her clothing designs in 1916. Just think of that when you buy these gloves and tell your friends!

100% Cotton Jersey

This is what Cotton Jersey looks like - it's very popular in clothing including Lady Gardening Gloves
This is what Cotton Jersey looks like - it's very popular in clothing including Lady Gardening Gloves
The moulded latex unique exterior coating of the TGL200M Lady Gardener Glove gives it remarkable grip and hold.
The moulded latex unique exterior coating of the TGL200M Lady Gardener Glove gives it remarkable grip and hold.

The Crinkle Exterior of the TGL200M

The elasticized wrist creates a fine seal around the base of the wrist helping to provide a comfy and secure feeling when in use. The crinkle design on the exterior of the glove helps provide additional hold on all manner of objects, rather like the rasps or barbs on a cat’s tongue.

Dexterity of the TGL200M "Green Latex" Lady Gardener

The thinness of these lady gardening gloves allows for greater dexterity and movement, that other traditionally bulky gauntlet style gloves offer. The Master Gardener logo on the back of the hands illustrates a wonderful looking red rose as a symbol that these gloves are designed for the lady garden. For water protection these are the perfect gardening gloves.

The Town & Country TGL200M Ladies Master Gardening Gloves

A very popular and affordable present - the Town & Country TGL200M Lady Gardener Glove
A very popular and affordable present - the Town & Country TGL200M Lady Gardener Glove

The Lady Gardener Glove Present Summary Table

Trait (out of 10)
Gold Leaf Ladies "Dry Touch"
Town & Country TGL200M "Green Latex"
TGL110M "Superior Leather"
Thorn Protection
The Dry Touch comes in allround best "Lady Gardener Glove as a Present" based on the data above.

The Top Lady Gardener Glove

Which Glove do you Think is the Best Present for a Lady Gardener?

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