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Lampe Berger Lamps for Deodorizing and Decorating your Home

Updated on April 6, 2016

The Lampe Berger lamp was first designed by Maurice Berger, a French pharmacist in 1898, for the purpose of killing bacteria and improving air quality in hospitals.

It has been perfected and become a commercial product, used not only for its anti-bacterial properties but these lamps are now designed as works of beauty and used in homes and offices to create an alluring long last fragrance to any environment.

Lampe Berger comes in over 40 different fragrances including neutral, which is excellent to use if you are overly sensitive to fragrance, but still wish to purify and freshen the air in a particular environment. Neutral oil can also be used to dilute the scent of oils you find too strong.

It is OK to experiment with mixing fragrances, to come up with something new and difference. It is a great produce to removed pet, cooking, cigar or cigarette orders or to use in a sick room. It is great to use to keep a consistent, lasting and pleasant order in your home.

How to Use a Lampe Berger Lamp

All lamps come with a bottles venting cap and a snuffer cup and a wick and a funnel. Always use caution when handling the fragrance oils as they are very flammable.

It is suggested, when pouring the Lamp Berger oil into the lamp to work on a solid surface or over the sink. Place the funnel in the lamp and pour into the bottle.

Once the bottle is filled, make sure there is no oil on the outside of the bottle as it will ignite when fire is added to the lamp wick.

When the wick is lit, initially the flame will be high and then become much smaller. Let the wick burn for about two minutes and then blow the flame out and place the venting cap over it to allow the fragrance to flow through.

Using a Lampe Berger Lamp to Beautify your Home

Lampe Berger accessories comes in porcelain, crystal, ceramic and glass containers which are designed by European artists.

Choose a color or design to compliment any home or office. They are excellent gifts for the holidays and the oils can last up to two years.

Many Lampe Berger lamps are artistically created as works of beautiful art and can be used not just to purify the air, but can accent any type décor.

These beautiful porcelain lamps will make the perfect gift, that will leave a lasting impression on the receiver.  These lamps will give you years of beauty and pleasure and will start a new tradition of using Lampe Berger lamps to deodorize the home!

The Fragarance Carries

If using the Lampe Berger lamp to purify the air, place it in the area that you want deodorized. If you are using the lamp in a small apartment or home, if will likely travel throughout the area.

If you have a larger area you want to cleanse and freshen, carry the lamp from to each room you want to freshen or use an individual lamp for each room.

The fragrance of the Lamp Berger oil tends to travel up, so if you live in a multi-level dwelling you will be able to smell the oil as it travels up the stairs.

Lampe Berger oil is a little expensive so be sure to replace the storing cap on once you have obtained the environment you wane  If you do not place the storing cap one the precious oil will evaporate.   

New Home Easy Scent

In 2010 Lampe Berger introduced Home Easy Scent brand. It provides the same air purification and fragrance as the original lamp, but it's features or different.

They come in four relaxing and energizing alcohol-free scents using the same aromatic essential oils as the Lampe Berger oils.

The fragrance is soaked into a fragrance chip which automatically turns on an off periodically dispersing a relaxing energizing fragrance where you desire. They come in different colors and modern designs.


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    • 2besure profile image

      Pamela Lipscomb 7 years ago from Charlotte, North Carolina

      I had never heard of them until, my mother-in-law game me one this Thanksgiving.

    • katrinasui profile image

      katrinasui 7 years ago

      Lampe Berger Lamps look great. Today i found a new item to decorate my room :)