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The art of Landscaping

Updated on May 17, 2014

How to make your garden green

Landscaping involves modifying the visible features of one's locale in order to make it more beautiful or pleasing to the viewer's eyes. This may involve adding abstract elements to the scenery, changing the flora and fauna or by manipulating the surrounding landforms that in a functional & pleasing manner. Similar to other arts, landscaping is a practical form of "yard art" that requires a lot of time & energy as well as prior preparation & maintenance in accordance to the theme being incorporated.

In the 17th century philosophers believed that visual beauty was the main objective of landscaping, however as time progressed the western philosophers rejected the concept pointed towards visual standard for any art form. However the recent times have yet again witnessed a rise in this artistic tradition.

The art of landscaping has evolved differently in various regions of the world from these fictitious beginnings. This simply reflects the reality that each part of our planet has its own native plants and hard materials, and its own unique set of circumstances of climate or environment that people desire to modify. Some of this has been functional, such as the value of vegetable gardens nearby, the need for windbreaks on northern properties, or shade in hot southern climates. Some is related to culture, such as family gathering places, others to a common standard of beauty, such as the distinctive English Victorian formal garden. Basically it is human nature to control or modify their living space for utmost benefit; consequently the yards & gardens are personalized to generate harmony & ornamentation in life.

Landscaping on sea shores

The seashore is considered to be the most difficult area to landscape due to the dry sandy soils, harsh windy conditions, and excess of salt and heat that creates unfavorable conditions for sustaining any plantation at the shoreline. It is best to evaluate the area in question before deciding on the theme. The plants & accessories being used must be in harmony with the house & it's interior to create a truly pleasing result. Fountains, wooden benches & embellishments can further accrue the landscape.

Here are few tips for the same:

• Palm trees works best near the shore as they provide the required green affect and are compatible to seashore weather.

• Improvement of soil in terms of manure is of utmost importance as sandy soil is usually low in organic matter. Use of topsoil and fertilizers may help promote plantation.

• The climate in our region is quite dry hence; plenty of fresh water must be available during droughty interludes.

• To protect the plants from insects and plant diseases – quite common near the shore, proper spraying should be done at intervals.

Various themes can be incorporated in your lanscape

Many themes are incorporated in landscaping these days namely the

• Modern Contemporary that utilizes the basic landscaping design principals with the house set as the centerpiece of the design. A background accentuated with tall trees & small floral gardens especially at the entrance.

• Japanese, Chinese and Bonsai, the old Asian art that can be incorporated both indoor & outdoor. Balance among extremes is considered their basic concept, having strong horizontal influences along with the calculated detailed trimmings. This is the theme mostly used near shorelines.

• Southwestern is the nature driven theme & can be easily assimilated in extreme climates since it usually entails water-conserving plants. Accents like rock ground covers & weathered wooden accessories are commonly used with cacti, wild grass etc.

• English Formal is an old theme illustrated by rigid geometrical patterns & sculpted shapes. The paths are enhanced as visual conduits, topiary that involves trimming the hedges into statues or animal shapes are used.

• Naturalistic is the subtle décor that simply enhances the natural landscape. Shade trees & natural bushes are a vital part of this theme. Native plants & wild flowers are also encouraged. This theme requires least maintenance & may tend to look a bit messy.

Some breathtaking landscapes!


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      rainville sagucio 

      7 years ago


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      9 years ago from Pakistan

      Thankyou linjing, Its nice if u get a few ideas from my hub :)

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      Prince Maak 

      10 years ago from Just Above the EARTH and below the SKY

      Bohat khoob, bada acha likha hai mohtaramma aapne.


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