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Latest Design Trends in Home Remodels

Updated on July 25, 2016

As modern life changes and people rethink the way they live in their homes, remodeling trends reflect their new ideas. If you’re looking for ways to enhance the home you already love, some of the latest design trends may be just the thing to achieve that goal.

Latest Design Trends in Home Remodels | Sea Pointe
Latest Design Trends in Home Remodels | Sea Pointe | Source

Kitchens: As the heart of the home, the kitchen is unsurprisingly the focus of many remodeling trends. Spacious, open kitchens continue to be popular, but new enhancements make them even more functional. Many remodels replace lower cabinets with deep drawers or pull-out shelves that make it easier to access your kitchen goods. Engineered stone is overtaking granite in popularity for its ease of maintenance, and new stainless steel appliances with colored finishes resist fingerprints and smudges much better than their classic counterparts. Transitional style, which allows homeowners to blend the best of clean, modern lines and finishes with touches of traditional flair, also continues to be a top trend. Islands that combine functional workspace with seating for family or guests allow the kitchen to truly be a multiuse environment.

Bathrooms: Many new remodeling trends envision the bathroom, particularly the master bath, as a spa-like oasis from the hectic pace of modern life. However, most eschew the space-gobbling whirlpool tubs of yesteryear for high-tech luxury showers with glass enclosures. Owners are also opting for modern lighting and plumbing fixtures that combine the best of energy and water efficiency with high performance. Style tends to feature large-format tiles, natural materials such as stone, clean lines, and neutral colors, all geared toward a restful and serene atmosphere.

Outdoor/indoor flow: In mild climates such as Southern California, a well-done outdoor area can extend your living space and give you a comfortable new area to relax and entertain. According to the experts at Sea Pointe Construction, owners are capitalizing on this advantage even further by choosing to remodel in ways that improve the flow between the inside and outside of their homes, such as with large folding or sliding glass doors the length of a wall that can be left open or that allow a beautiful view of the outdoors when closed.

Home automation: Technology now allows us to centrally and even remotely control many features of our homes, from thermostats and security systems to home entertainment systems and individual appliances. Many homeowners are now incorporating the latest technological features in their remodels to put the latest in 21st-century “smart home” software and hardware to work for them.

Aging in place: With increasing numbers of homeowners opting to keep their homes instead of relocating, even younger people are looking to the future to consider their design choices in remodeling to ensure their homes will be comfortable for years to come. Eliminating small steps, widening doorways, or rearranging the flow of an area such as the kitchen or bathroom are some subtle changes that increase ease of use but which can be seamlessly incorporated into a regular remodel.

If you’re considering your next home improvement goals, consult construction experts for the best of the latest ideas in remodeling.


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