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Lawn Care Blogs

Updated on July 31, 2012

Lawn Care Business

Learn how to get lawn care business customers.
Learn how to get lawn care business customers. | Source

Lawn Care Podcasts

When I first got my lawn care business started, it was a long time before there was any internet, email, blogs, forums, podcasts or anything else like that. Back in the day when I got started you had only two main ways of getting information on how to run your company. You would either subscribe to a green industry trade magazine or you could go to your local library and search for books on properly maintaining lawns and business management.

If you were to seek out answers for questions you had from local competitors in the industry, you would most likely not get anywhere. They would shut you down in a heartbeat for fear they would be giving away hard earned business secrets to a competitor. So in other words, getting a new mowing business started was pretty difficult.

Now a days there are so many ways to learn about running you company. You can get online and search websites and read, read, read, until your heart is content. In fact, there is so much information out there, I fear new entrepreneurs may put off getting started until they feel their knowledge has passed a certain threshold, which may end up keeping them from ever starting.

One of my favorite ways now to stay connected with the industry is to read lawn care blog articles. These sites are fascinating and you can find many of them just by doing a search on your favorite search engine. Not only can you go and read through them but you can also enter your email at most of these blog sites and they will automatically email you with new updated articles as soon as they are published! I currently subscribe to at least five of these sites.

My second favorite way now to learn about the landscaping industry is to listen to podcasts on the varying topics that are talked about. Just recently, I listened to a GopherHaul episode on the importance of using lawn care business software. That really opened my eyes for I had been a big believer in the old pen and paper method. We all tend to stick to the first method we try that works, but you learn as you investigate that the management method you use can always be replaced by a better one and sure enough I found many.

So why limit your companies ability to grow because you simply want to be stuck in your ways. If you look around, you will see competitors taking advantage of every piece of information out there and implementing it as fast as they can. Why get left in the dust? You need to constantly look forwards and see what new methods, advances, and trends are coming down the pipe. Investigate them as you go and figure out which would work best for you.

Don't ever stop learning. As my dad always told me, you got to 'dream it, build it, gopher it!'

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