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Layering garden landscaping

Updated on July 17, 2013

Is it possible for some garden landscaping to improve the appearance of your home? You must have an harmony between your house inside and outside. Bedroom ideas are great for the inside, but what about outside your home? Finding great things for outside of your house should be regarded as an exciting activity; garden landscaping is fun and pleasant. You can implement your own ideas in the garden and can plant and rearrange your plants and/or flowers the way you love most.

Through the layering landscaping of your garden you will manage to enhance the overall design of your landscaping. When you receive visitors to your home, they will first notice the yard. When you have an amazing garden, it will be an immense joy for you to give your guests a tour of your home and garden. The neighbors will surely talk about your amazing garden, especially if your garden landscaping was indeed a remarkable one.

It is not difficult at all to layer your garden landscaping. First, you need to determine the types of flowers you intend to plant. The layout of your garden landscaping is directly influenced by the selection of your flowers. For instance, the taller flowers should not be planted in front of the smaller ones. Even if this sounds perfectly logical, you still need to roughly establish these things before starting your garden landscaping. It is how you can simplify things for you, speeds things up and ensure you will not encounter any major problems.

The layering should include about three layers. The back row, facing north, should include your tallest plants. When the row moves down, the same should happen with the heights of the flowers as well. Such garden landscaping is a little bit tricky one, as in most cases the purchases plants are baby plants. Thus, it is highly recommended to conducts some preliminary searches or talk to the staff of the gardening store about the eventual height of the plants. This is the main difference between the success and failure of garden landscaping. If by any chance the middle row in your garden grows significantly highly than the back row, you need to rearrange the garden landscaping design.

The layering effect will offer an interesting touch along with a depth to the garden landscaping design and you will certainly have a successful garden landscaping.


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    • tillsontitan profile image

      Mary Craig 5 years ago from New York

      I didn't realize planting your garden in size order was called layering. I guess you learn something new everyday. Your advice to check the size the flowers will be when they are grown is a good one because as the season progresses they will certainly be bigger than they were when you bought them.