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Learn Gardening

Updated on August 20, 2015

Gardening to Relax

Growing herbs in your garden

More and more people are taking to gardening these days. Gardening can help your mind to relax after a hard day’s work, it is indeed a pleasurable job, but it does require knowledge about how to go about making a garden. Thanks to the latest technology that has helped one to create his small garden without any worries of weathers and climatic condition. Nowadays you can create a favourable weather and soils with good fertilizers throughout the year in your backyard or a small apartment.

To start with, one must start with a small place. Great gardeners seem to know all the little secrets making plants happy, many of you may find gardeners talking to their plants. Scientifically it is said plants respond to stimuli so this is the perfect example to shower your love and it will bloom to its fullest. To test your soil to make a ball out of dirt and throw it in the air if it sticks together until it hits the ground put your shovel away, wait till it is dry. It is from late October through mid December then there is spring in spring that is April and may in a southern climate early spring before excessive heat arrives in the most beneficial way for success. In northern climates planting after last hard frost in the spring it is advisable.

When you spend the time to create and follow a plan for your herb garden, you’ll have all the benefits hoped for whether using them in the fresh form or deciding to make some dried arrangements.
The size and type of your perfect herb container are limited only by your imagination

Individual care, planting site, and the environment all have an influence on the successful growth of your plants. You can make an extra effort by providing good fertility, providing drainage, mulching, root stimulators and soil conditioners such as sphagnum moss can lessen the shock each plant experiences in the transplanting process. Also note that some plants such as young tree needs support to withstand winds and heavy rains.
It’s a good idea to shade part of your garden, especially if no natural shade exists, one easy way is to get a patio umbrella. With low maintenance space we can grow endless herbs, vegetables, flowers and fruits. Herbs are good for medicinal plants to become an accomplish herb gardener, one must follow-understand how to choose the right location for your container for the herb garden.

The Procedure to be followed:

Plants for the herb garden has to be planned.

Containers are available in different sizes, structures and brands.

Collect the information through books because some plants have to be planted deeper or sometimes shallow some spreads and some grow tall so containers have to be accordingly.

What fertilizers to be used, this can be known through any gardener and use to encourage more growth.

There are little bugs that can destroy your plants or slow down the process of growth. Do ask a gardener about prevention and protection of plants through medicines.

Herb plants must be protected from extreme climates like harsh summer excess cold during winters and sufficient amount of water to be maintained during rainy seasons.

Sometimes experimentation is a good way to go with your plantings. And, there’s got to be some trial and error when you’re learning the best things to do with your herb garden. The learning process about how to plant herbs gives the background for additional fun experiences. By working up the soil and adding nutrients and fillers for good plant growth, your herb garden will prosper with tasty, colourful herbs.

Harvesting of the herbs can be done a little at a time. It does not have to be done all at once. It is necessary to know when to cut the plants for seasoning. Herb container gardening as any other kind of gardening teaches patience.

Drying herbs can be an interesting activity. The right atmosphere of “where” to dry the herbs is essential. Timing is everything in the drying process. Preparation of the herb before drying can be an intricate procedure, and can produce, herbs full of flavour, through colour and texture. Herbs can also be decorative while hanging to dry.


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