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Lemon Oil And The Many Ways It Can Help You

Updated on June 2, 2012

A collection of the best uses for Lemon Oil.

There are so many endless uses to Lemon Oil, I could probably write a short book. With its wonderful fresh aroma, and clean smell Lemon oil is one of the most popular Essential Oils. It is one of the cheaper oils as well which makes it one of the most useful and friendly on your wallet. It takes over 3,000 lemons to make one kilo of essential lemon oil, extracting the natural oils out of the rinds of the lemons, preserving all the antioxidants and natural vitamins. I could go on and on about the lemon, having it be one of my favorite scents and my favorite fruits in the acidic family.

I have been using many of the tips I have listed below for a long time, but I felt the need to do some research, and I found out there were better tips and a lot more I did not know of. So instead of a top 10 list I was originally going to throw together, I am going to try to list as many as possible, but in order to make this article shorter than a novel; I am going to break it up into two parts, using the best tips I found. The first section will be on household uses and the second part on its health benefits.

So here we go:

Household Uses:

To remove gum and sticky residue- use one to two drops placed on a rag. Also works on crayon, oil and grease stains. Works on most surfaces.

Sanitation Spray- Mix 2-5 drops in a spray bottle of water to clean kitchen and bathroom surfaces.

Carpet cleaner- Add 10-20 drops into a solution of water and one cup of washing detergent to clean and pull out stains. The Lemon will kill most bacteria, lift the stains and leave your house smelling lemony fresh.

Cleaning non-carpeted floors- Add 5-10 drops into a bucket of water adding 1/4 cup of white vinegar, add fill with warm water. You can also add pine oil and a few drops of dish washing soap if the floor is really dirty. This will clean even the dirties floors leaving it smelling fresh.

Carpet fresher- Add at least 20 drops to 1 or 2 cups of baking soda or borax powers and mix together well. Place in a covered container and let it sit overnight, allowing the oils to be absorbed fully. Sprinkle over the carpet, letting it sit for 10 to 15 minutes before vacuuming up. This will also freshen up your vacuum at the same time getting rid of musty odors.

Spot Free Dishes- Add a few drops onto the spinning blades of your dish washer before you run the wash cycle, and your dishes will come out spot free.

Sanitize cutting boards- Rub 3 drops onto your cutting board after you wash it to sanitize and kill any remains of bacteria.

A Refreshing sanitizing cleaning spray- In a standard 32oz spray bottle drop in the following amounts of oils. 8 drops of lemon oil- 6 drops of lavender- 2 drops of geranium oil- 6 drops of Gardenia oil- 4 drops of chamomile and 2 drops of patchouli. Fill the rest of the bottle with water and shake well periodically during use. This will clean and shine most surfaces, with a wonderful earthy and tropical smell.

Refrigerator Refresher- Place two cotton balls into your fridge, each with 1-2 drops of lemon oil on them. This will free the air of any left over smells of food, leaving you with a wave of lemon every time you open the the fridge.

Polish furniture- My best advice for this one, is to place a slightly damp cleaning rag into a plastic bag, drops 5-6 drops of lemon oil into the bag, shake the bag and let it sit in the sun for few hours.This lets the oil infuse into the rag. You can polish wood, leather, stainless steal and even silverware that appears to be tarnishing. This is safe for every surface, but I always recommend doing a test spot if you are worried about ruining anything,

Basically Lemon oil can be used for anything involving cleaning an item in your house. It kills bacteria, can get up anything stick to greasy, it deodorizes the air and it just smells so good! I am sure you can't wait to try at least one of the above things the next time you deep clean your home.

Health Benefits:

Balance skin tone and reduce oil production: Since I am a Licensed Esthetician I can vouch for this process. Rubbing a small amount onto the face will kill the bacteria on your skin and dry up over producing oil glands. I recommend focusing on the T-zone, your forehead, nose and chin, spread a little onto the cheek bones.

Cellulite- mix a few drops with Vitamin E oil and massage into areas with cellulite, this should help smooth out the skin, and help eliminate the waste of the cells.

Heartburn- Since the lemon oil comes from the rinds and not the pulp, it is not acidic and actually help stop heartburn. When a few drops are mixed the water, it stops the stomach from producing the over abundance of acids.

Athletes foot- Rub a few drops on the foot and it should help prevent and clear up the fungus.

Warts- Rub a drop onto the wart morning and night, this should make the wart disappear with out any problem.

Gingivitis and bleeding gums.- Rub onto gums and teeth, this should kill the bacteria and stop the bleeding.

Varicose Veins- Mix 4-6 drops with massage oil, massage over the areas with the protruding veins and this should help improve circulation and relieve the pressure.

Insect repellent- In a spray bottle mix 2-3 drops of Lavender oil and 4-6 drops of lemon oil, fill with water and mist over body to keep annoying bugs away.

Immune booster- Diffuse this oil in your home to kill many of the harmful bacteria causing sickness. When inhaling the vapors of this oil, it can kill meningococcus, typhoid, Staphylococcus, Pneumococcus, diphtheri, and even inactive tuberculosis bacteria. Within two hours, all these bacteria causing sicknesses with be killed.

There are so many uses for Lemon Oil, if you want more information, follow the links I have posted below. I hope you find all of this useful, and healthier way to live and keep your environment clean and safe.


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