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Light Needed for Reading

Updated on October 7, 2017
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Rebecca Graf is a seasoned writer with nearly a decade of experience and degrees in accounting, history, and creative writing.

Lighting is very important when it comes to reading. The eyes are vital to soak in words and understand phrases. When the lighting is bad, reading becomes a struggle.

When do you read the most? Is it at lunchtime on a park bench? Is it at night before you go to bed? The location of your reading spot(s) effects your lighting situation. If you read outside at lunch, more than likely your lighting issue is non-existent. The sun does a pretty good job of it. If you are reading inside, you really need to evaluate the light you read by.

Adequate Lighting is Relaxing.

It is when you are reading under inadequate lights that your body becomes tense from straining to read. You can develop headaches. As your read, your eyes squint. Over time, your eyesight is actually damaged.

Straining to read can also create problems in the rest of your body. Headaches can occur due to strain on the eyes. Your eye sight can be weakened. You don't want to be tense while you read. You want to be relaxed.

Being relaxed encourages you to read more. If you are uncomfortable while reading, why would you continue? Make your reading space where you want to return. That means more than just a comfortable place to sit. It needs to be well lit.

Protection for Your Eyes

Protect your eyes and enjoy reading by taking a look at the lights you have on when you read. At night by a lamp is one of the potentially worst scenarios. How bright is your lamp? Does the shade impede good lighting? When reading in the dark, make sure the lamp is bright and that you can easily read the words on the page. You don't want to strain your eyes.

Many people have found themselves having to get glasses or stronger prescriptions for their eye wear because they don't have the right lighting. If you find yourself squinting or developing headaches when you read, check with the lighting first before going to the eye doctor. It might just need to be a slight adjustment to a light fixture to solve your problem. If the discomfort continues, get your eyes examined.


Look at the lighting in the room. Are light bulbs out? Even one light bulb can make a big difference. They dim, and you are not aware of it. You are used to it so ignore it until the light goes out. Regularly check your bulbs and have replacements ready to use at any time.

Also look around to see if you have enough lights.Is your reading area sufficiently lit to protect your eyes? You might need to move lamps or add some light in your reading room.

Going Around Lighting Obstacles

There are times when you have no control over the lighting yet want to read. This could be in a car travelling or while others are sleeping. No need to despair! Reading can still be accomplished safely. Purchase a book light that is portable and easy to use. Some hang around your neck. Others clip onto your book. There are new variations all the time that are designed for the traveler.

Due to lighting issues, consider using your ereader which comes with its own lighting means. Travelling at night on a plane or in a car, the ereader's lighting can be adjusted to give your eyes the light it needs while also not glaring into the eyes of your neighbors.

Signs of Bad Lighting

How do you know for sure if you have bad lighting? Here are a few things to take notice of:

- Headaches - As mentioned before, if you get headaches while you read or soon afterwards, it might be a lighting issue. Just increase the amount of light you use when you read to see if it eliminates the headaches.

- Squinting - This was mentioned earlier as well. If you find yourself doing this while you read, check your lighting.

- Feels Dark - If the room feels dark, it probably is. Increase the lighting. When you get used to your surroundings, you don't notice when there is a problem.

Reading is a wonderful time, yet it can be dangerous to the eyes when done in bad lighting. Make sure you read in well-lit areas. Protect your eyes and continue enjoying the adventures of a book.


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