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Decorative Soap Containers

Updated on August 21, 2013

My Treasures

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Cluttered Sink

My dish soap bottle was an unsightly item perched on the edge of my kitchen sink. The thick dish soap often cascaded down the side of the bottle and onto the counter or sink!

Keeping the dish soap under the counter is not really an option for our household. We constantly wash dishes throughout the day. Who wants a drippy soap mess under the sink?

My Find

While traveling in Illinois, I was browsing a cute gift shop. There were soaps and candles on display as well as other decorative household items. Strolling through the store, I stopped at a large display of glass cruets. They were beautifully decorated with various designs and colors. Moderately priced, the cruets were very appealing! I bought one immediately!

It was such a little thing, but I was so excited about my find! The plastic soap bottle on my kitchen sink was on the way out.

Another Find

I continued my shopping. Entering another store, I found another display of cruets! I remembered the plastic hand soap bottle next to my sink and purchased a cruet of equal size to my last purchase. By this time, I can't wait to get back to Texas to decorate my sink!

Carrying my new treasures, carefully wrapped in tissue paper, in my suitcase caused some anxiety. We all know that airports can be rough on luggage!

Decorating The Sink With My New Finds

Shortly after arriving home, I poured the liquid dish soap into the brightly flowered container. I had to remove the cruet spout because the soap was too thick to flow easily.

i purchased a large refill bottle of antibacterial soap and filled the green leaved cruet. Both bottles have slipped out of my hand a couple of times, but i've had no chips or cracks in the glass. The bottles appear to be thick and well made.

Additional Ideas For Soap Containers

For The Guest Bath

To carry my soap container theme to other areas of the house, I bought a clear glass cruet for the guest bath. It is filled with hand soap and sits next to a candle and fancy bar soap. Our guests have a choice of soaps for hand washing. A unique cruet would be a great container for hand lotion also!

Choose Your Soap

When filling your cruet, use a soap to compliment your decor. Hand soaps with a fragrance can be a fun addition to the guest bathroom! Use your creativity and find your unique soap holder. Your guests and family will enjoy your finds!

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