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Littering in Mansfield

Updated on May 24, 2011
Mansfield is quite clean, but the lack of bins is a frustrating issue.
Mansfield is quite clean, but the lack of bins is a frustrating issue. | Source

As you may, or may not yet be aware, I live in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire. It's quite a nice place (6th worst place to live in England according to Channel 4), but I don't completely believe that. It's got a fair amount of history, ever since roman times, and is split into many different areas, including Mansfield Town, Mansfield Woodhouse, Clipstone, Forest Town, etc...I myself live in the Mansfield Woodhouse area, which according to reports is the largest village in the UK.

But anyway, the other day I was walking the dog and she, rather unfortunately, decided it was time to 'go'. I'm sure we've all been there, and we can't exactly tell the dog to keep it in (They're exhibitionists). But we're left with 2 options, leave it, and run, or pick it up and bin it with a bag of some form. Seeing as I hate litter and littering, I found a doggie-crap bag and carried on my travels trying to find a bin.

However it took what seemed like ages to find a bin! I must have been walking for well over half-a-mile just to find one! And carrying on further it didn't get any better. I still didn't find many more bins. But this leaves us in a little dilemma. Walk for miles with dog-poo in one hand, and a lead in the other for an indefinite amount of time, or just leave it to fester, waiting for some poor-unfortunate to come rushing through and ruin their shoes, as well as their day. Hopefully you chose to pick it up and put it in the bin, but I'm sure you've run into similar problems, I mean, it can't just be Mansfield? Can it? 

And unfortunately as well, it's not just dog-crap that gets left behind, Bottles, Cans, Crisp-Packets, Shoes, Chocolate-Wrappers, Small-Children, all gets left on the streets, and mainly in my garden! But why? Partly because people are very lazy, but mainly because bins are fast become an endangered species.

So Mansfield District Council, please get off your arses, and get putting more bins in! It'd lower litter rates, make it easier for residents, but most of all, it'd make my garden much cleaner! Thanks.


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    • Ryan-Palmsy profile image

      Ryan Palmer 6 years ago from In a Galaxy far, far away

      Well, that certainly is a way to get through to them Kath! But in reality sometimes it makes things a whole lot worse. A few years back the people who lived across the road used to race their mopeds at the middle of the night down the street, waking people up and generally being very annoying! We were going to call the police, but it wouldn't have changed anything really...It never does! The police can't really stop people from riding their mopeds! We had the last laugh though, they were evicted for not paying their rent! Ha Ha!

      American Psycho 2? I didn't realise they made a sequel! How interesting! I'll have to give it a watch :D

      @ Lobonorth - Mansfield is generally quite litter free, which is great! But unfortunately it's slowly getting worse. We have quite a few street cleaners, but they tend to work in the town center and near where that picture was taken, not so much in Mansfield Woodhouse, Sutton or Pleasley! Shame really!

    • lobonorth profile image

      lobonorth 6 years ago

      Mansfield looks fine from the image - it seems strange not to have containers for garbage since presumably someone has to eventually be paid to pick it up. Maybe you should start a campaign to buy a couple of garbage cans and shame the town into doing the right thing.

    • Katharella profile image

      Katharella 6 years ago from Lost in America

      Yes Ryan you can call me Kath, or Kat.. or Kathy.. ;) It's the nicer things people have called me lol! Um, yes I can tell you're bothered by something other than local trash. I'd like to be proud of where I'm from, but ah, after the government decided to jump in an mix school districts it's went from a beautiful well kept area, to a complete dump full of drugs and trash on the streets. High crime area. Thus, one reason I moved from there, I was run out of a perfectly nice area. Photos to prove, maybe I'll make a hub about it. Anyway, I'm glad to know you're proud of your home place and would like to keep it that way and pick up after your pooch! I do too! But I moved to the south where people are a bit cleaner, but right now I'm at a point I'm annoying my neighbors on purpose, so I will not mow my yard where it adjoins to theirs. They don't like that. If I wanted their big noses in my yard I'd invite them over. But I do not. SO, they make it a point to come and liter my porch with their religions papers and although I tell them DO NOT LEAVE THAT, DO NOT PUT IT IN MY DOOR, they do it anyway, so the next time I'm calling the police and have them sited for littering. ;) Yes, I'm that way.

      Well, I didn't come just to respond (and sorry I am late) but I just watched American Psycho 2 and found it quite amusing. It's set up for 3 perfectly, and I hope they do it. Can't see her getting away with that in real life, but ok for a freebie on Netflix!

      Have you ever seen Juno? The chair n' river remind me of that. She finds a chair and piece of carpet and takes it to her bf's yard and sets it up. If it not too icky I can see me wading down getting the chair, propping it on top one of the cars (hopefully not to go into the reservoir) having myself photographed and sending it to the news station, but that's me. I've yet to find a fellow photographer for shock value here by me. I don't make friends easily. ;) lol..

    • Ryan-Palmsy profile image

      Ryan Palmer 6 years ago from In a Galaxy far, far away

      Hey Kath, you don't mind me calling you Kath do you? Haha, yes it's a photo of me! I can assure you! It was taken a year or so ago, and now my hair has been cut quite a lot shorter!

      I do have pride for my local area, I'm proud to say I'm from Mansfield, Nottinghamshire. Land of Robin Hood! What I'm not proud of though is the amount of litter in the area. Especially in the rivers, etc. I saw a chair there once, and rumor has it there are cars in a nearby reservoir! LOL

      What can you tell from a person's eyes then Kath?

    • Katharella profile image

      Katharella 6 years ago from Lost in America

      One reason I wanted you to put up your real photo, if indeed it is. ;) I think it may be, is because the eyes are that window to the soul as they say, I have a dyer need to see them.

      But from just what little you wrote, even with out that picture I don't know why, I get a vibe from people, people who are up there and out with it, and people who hold it behind a mask of who they really are.

      In you I knew there are many parts I've yet to know and see, but this tidbit tells a lot about you, as much as it does the well to do Nott... you do your place proud! You're not close minded or snob, you're willing to know, and you have pride.

      The town close to me just opened a 'doggie play yard" and it has many disposals and even little things with baggies if you didn't bring your own. So pretty cool of a very low income, place, where wal-mart is shopping heaven for some, but Belks parking lot is almost always empty. Belks is the upscale place, the one and only store with that rip off high price tag. Like the one, that says "cashmere" on the label, and OMG it's marked down 75%, to it's true value because it's only 5% of the material is actual cashmere but the other 95% is cotton. So, that's the reason they want it hung or layed flat to dry. Ah, I suspect you know this!

      My good guess is that you need to write to whoever it is there and tell them of your "bin-less" dog walks! Not to mention the people who are just having their Latte' on the way home and no where to dispose! People have gotten into my vehicle before and said "WHY do you have 5 empty bottles of soda in your back seat" Um. well, BECAUSE I DON'T LITTER, AND HAVE FORGOTTEN TO THROW THEM IN THE BIN AT THE GAS STATION, IS YOUR YARD NEARBY? LOL!

      Write to them please, because we may be a million miles apart, but it's still OUR world and we want to keep it clean as long as we can. *i heart ya for helping keep our world clean*