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Live Big in a Studio-Unit

Updated on April 27, 2011

This write-up can also be valuable to people having some problems with their small and cramped home contains. It also contains effective tips and pointers on how to live in a studio-unit.

With the industrial boom taking place in the urban areas all across the globe, it is common to see an exodus of people from the countryside to the metropolitan locale in pursuit of landing a more decent and more high-paying jobs. This will in turn make cities congested and purchasing even a parcel of land becomes out of reach especially to the common people. To solve this issue regarding scarce space, high rise and low-rise buildings that houses condominium units and studio-units are built and sold or rented to corporate personnel and other people that are well-off.

Living in a studio-unit type of dwelling might pose big problems since you are forced to make the most out of a cramped single-space room which may seem that it doesn’t have much room for your things and not wide enough to accommodate visitors.

But unknown to many, there are a lot of advantages of thriving in small spaces like the studio-units.

But unknown to many, there are a lot of advantages of living in small spaces like the studio-units.

Here is the list of benefits one can have when an individual choose to live on a studio-unit.

There’s more ventilation.

The natural light can rip right through the unit as it gives more cross-ventilation.

There’s less upkeep.

Maintaining studio units is relatively easy compared with maintaining a house, hence there is less stress. In addition, maintaining studio units can also be practical and economical in the long run, since you are set to procure less furniture, lighting fixtures, appliances and the like. Cleaning studio units requires less time and effort compared with cleaning an entire house.

Dwelling in studio-unit is more convenient.

Everything in the unit is within reach since they are confined in just one single space. This will also mean that one can conveniently reach for things, there is less movement and the space is well-organized.

If you feel like living in studio-unit is not that so comfortable here are some effective tips and ideas to live big in a small space:

Increase the size of the unit two-fold. Integrate a mirror into your unit to make your place look visually bigger.

Organize according to usage. In order come up with the most desirable layout, make it a point to study your lifestyle and the stream of your movements around the space. Determine your mundane tasks, the thing you do first as soon as you are home, the place where you put your stuffs, your relaxation routine and the like.

Stick to the essentials. It is must for a single-space dweller to get rid of things that clutter the space. Here’s a tip in doing so. Throw away or give the things you haven’t use for the past three months it is most likely you will not use them and keep only the things that can still be use for some important occasions. Let go of things that doesn’t bear any usage since clutter tends to disrupt the mind and it diminishes space.

Pounce on built-in storage units. You can maximize your space further by employing built-in storage units. Customize closets will enable you to take advantage of even the smallest and awkward places.

Experiment with an assortment of styles. You need not crave for austere look of modern living. Go with what the minimalist does with their homes to shun away from stress and encumbered lifestyle. Be keen on keeping your life free from clutter by virtue of forcing yourself to be tidy, so that you will able to feel further the look you are yearning for with your unit. You may try making some blends and experiment on different styles but make it a point that the functional requirements are not sacrificed. The look of your unit boils down to what you are fond of and how you subsist.

Be steady. It is okay to be audacious when it comes to whipping up style, but make it a point that you have a consistent well-balanced look all throughout. You can have one element that can be repetitive around the space to come up with the feeling of connection and consistency.

Make your unit a place for relaxation. A single-space unit can be dull and monotonous. As such you need to have a bed or a couch to have a calming and ascetic milieu.

Toy with proportions. Many believe that if you have a cramped space you need to have smaller furniture and furnishings. Now shatter this notion since you can make a small space look larger by choosing and having oversized furniture that goes well with the smaller pieces of furniture.

Do not use patterns too much. Patterns add depth and character to your unit, but using patterns thoroughly will overpower an area. Patterns are best utilized in accent pieces like side drapes and throw pillows.

Stick to light colors. When it comes to what color of paint you will use, try to opt for colors with lighter shades to provide your unit a soothing feel.

Divide and conquer. You can make a certain space have two functions at the same time, provided that it met the functional requirements of the dweller. Since private area is a must-have in a single-space unit things like closet, work space or a drawer can provide a lift in whipping up a sense of individualism and privacy. Wise arrangement of shelves and cabinets can help classify private areas.

Combine lighting fixtures. A mix of task lighting (the usual lighting you use) and indirect lighting can provide you with the right lighting and ambience at the same time. The cove lighting (a type of indirect lighting) can provide an impression of having more height to the ceiling and adds gravity to a room.

Have dimmer lights. Halogen light can be employed to showcase areas or art pieces, but you need to be cautious since it can pile up heat. But this problem can easily be solved by using a fine dimmer. A dimmer can also provide intensity to dull spaces.

Use storage efficiently. If you are not keen on using your scarce floor surface for shelves, you may think of other ways to store your stuffs: have bins under your bed, have hollow spaces within ottomans, make a built-in bookshelf above a window and have an overhead shelves in the kitchen.

Opt for warm white. According to design experts a warm white fluorescent lighting works better than the cool white fluorescent lighting, since it can give an illusion of a larger space. Besides fluorescents are economical to use since they don’t draw less energy compared with the other types of lighting fixtures.

Hope this will help in a way… a WritingContest entry.


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