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Living Pono, some could care less or are ignorant.

Updated on August 20, 2012

Giving back.

I have been studying for the past years, different cultures and learning.

I try to give back in my own way.

I may not live on any islands, like the beautiful places in Hawaii,

but in my own backyard, I decided that awhile back I wanted to start doing just that.

Little is known to most of the public the term "Pono".

I know as I write and have this published, more people will now know.

It might be called recycling here, or giving back.

But for many years in other countries, especially in Hawaii,

living Pono is a way of life for alot of people.

You live in harmony with the land and harvest,

and only take what you need, and give back.

Alot of people have been living that way for a very long time,

and surprisling living happy fullfilled lives.

Some frown upon it in today's society,

but it is the sheer ignorant of not understanding,

or not caring for the earth and the islands,

which is what the problem truly is.

People will mostly just consume, while they bide

their time on earth, and not do a thing,

and only care about their well being,

and are selfish.

If most people don't start changing their ways,

the earth will evantually die off, from human

consumption of wastefulness.

This is so very sad and true.

But as I have become educated,

through a teacher, Ahura Z. Diliza,

over the past few years, I truly have

come to learn, what the truth of existence is..

To be living on the planet,

we are given life, and we must

give back.

Not take too much and not to become

over greedy.

The earth was created not to be destroyed,

by beings, that have no concept,

of what living and life is truly about.

Many years, before buildings were erected,

in civilizations of today's society,

many places, many people,

lived their lives, content,

with resources of nature.

They used what was given of the earth,

and in turned, after using, kept giving of

themselves, so the earth wouldn't deteriorate,

but grew in abundance with those humans,

that lived in that time period.

We may have much technology today,

living in houses and cars,

and you would think, that it would

be so much easier with

all the modern gadgets,

we could conserve fuel,

water, and other elements,

to make our surroundings,

full and plentiful for all,

without destroying.

The change in mindset is..



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