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Living Room Furniture Sets – Finding the Bargains

Updated on January 30, 2010

Living Room Sets - Quality vs Price

Determining what you really need may be the hardest job.
Determining what you really need may be the hardest job.

Is Price the Most Important Consideration?

There are many factors that go into selecting the best value in a living room furniture set and price is not necessarily the ultimate consideration. Before pricing, it is important to think about several other things. The phrase “put your best foot forward” comes to mind when we think of the living room because it is often the first thing guests see when they enter the home. It gives others a sense of who we are and the type of furniture we put in it determines how well it “fits” in the space allotted.

Note: There is also a companion hub that deals with the interaction of men and women in furniture selection.

The concept of flexibility is also at the foundation of your decision because it permits the greatest number of options when it comes to how the individual pieces can be arranged. The perception of the size of the room changes with the size of the furniture in the room. Nothing is worse than selecting a pair of large sofas and coffee table that dwarf a medium sized living room or make movement around it difficult. Selecting a modular set might be helpful in that individual pieces can be arranged in a way that maximizes the space while creating a pleasing interior design. For this reason, one may want to consider a smaller Loveseat coupled with a matching pair of chairs in a smaller house or condo.

The Right Deal Involves Thorough Research

The type of material used can have a substantial effect on the final price of your furniture.  When looking at wood, cherry can often be found in more formal types of furniture such as Colonial whereas your softer woods such as pine would sacrifice this look in favor of durability and price.  Leather does not lend itself to designs and patterns in the way that fabrics do.  There are some fabrics that hold up better to heavy use than others. 

The decision on the type of furniture is also affected by the use and/or abuse of daily living.  If there are small children or pets in the house, it may be quite difficult to keep them from using the living room and its furnishings as an extension of their playground.  In this case, taste may need to take a backseat to durability and the ability to withstand such abuse.  One may realistically have to consider making concessions until the nest is empty.

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Finding the Deals

One can find bargains in many different ways.  The most obvious is selecting used or refurbished sofas or chairs.  In addition, there are stores where one can purchase furniture that is unfinished requiring the new owner to put in a little elbow grease in exchange for a lower price.  Another emerging area is the internet.  Bargains can be found by the informed, careful shopper.  The key word is informed.   In order to find the bargain, you must first have done enough research to determine if the piece you are thinking about bidding on is really a bargain at the current bid price.  Beware of “buck fever” that comes when people get into bidding wars and lose sight of the where they are in the bidding cycle.  Nothing is worse than realizing at the end that you are the proud owner of a furniture set that was purchased for more than you would have paid for at the store.

An example of a nice living room furniture set is the Classic Leather 8028 Series, which is a Portsmouth Leather Living Room Set available in several colors and three grades of leather.  The exposed wood is Mahogany with a Russert finish and hand sanded. 

In conclusion, getting a great price on a living room furniture set requires the shopper to carefully assess their needs and selecting pieces that provide the greatest degree of flexibility permitting optimum configuration of the furniture.  The best ways to get a bargain on quality living room furniture set involves doing one’s homework to determine the regular price and finding where the great deals can be had. 


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