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Log Home Company Comparisons

Updated on January 24, 2013

Log Home Suppliers, are they all the same? What options exist? How do you maximize your quality coupled with price?

Let me tell you about our journey. Yes, I love log homes. Yes, I live in a log home. And Yes, there are many many differences in log home companies. But our story in unique because we are also Custom Log Home Builders. Over the last 13 years we have worked with products from many log home suppliers and lumber companies. So we are able to offer a different insight, than just a log home owner.

With our background and our disgust with the abilities, knowledge, and service of so many log home companies and dealers, it is a privilege to be our own log home company.

From random length log suppliers to fully cut packages, big name companies to mills just down the road ~ oh the stories we can share...

Log Home

The Montana Plan
The Montana Plan

Random Length Log Homes

Random length logs are just that, random. Many times from a "wholesale" company, someone tells the log home company how big the house is going to be and provide the mill a sketch, then they sell the customer the amount of logs needed to build the dwelling. The logs are milled and ready to stack, but the rest is up to the homeowner.

Though this is a less expensive route, there are some downfalls. With having to do all the cutting for doors, windows, electric boxes, roof system, butt joints, etc on the job site, the over all construction time is extended by at least 2 1/2 to 3 months. A fully precut home of the same size can be stacked in about 3 days.

Also with all the cutting being done on site, the cuts are not as accurate as they would be if done at the mill.

Before someone chooses a random length log, they should consider how much time they have to put into it, or if they are going to hire a general contractor. A random log package can take a lot to transform from a semi load of logs into a dream.

Partially Pre Cut Log Package

These packages come with the corners precut, but all the butt joints (where one log ends and the next begins), the doors, windows, roof pitch, and any log roof system have to be cut on site. Precut corners do save time, but the rest of the cutting is still time consuming. It is also a challenge to get all the doors and windows, roof angle and butt joints to look professional.

Fully Pre-Cut Log Home Kit

A fully precut package log home kit has every log precut and pre-numbered. The mill does all the cutting and then they set the home up. Then they disassemble it, number it, and package it for shipping. A fully pre cut log cabin kit can stack in just a few days, including installing the roof system.

Handcrafted Log Home Fully Erected

Weather Tight Package

When purchasing a weather tight log home package you can expect it to usually include the following:

Fully pre cut and pre numbered, log schedule included with blue prints, all roofing material, timber roof system or standard trusses (as per design), first floor sub floor (optional), second floor sub floor, 1x6 tongue and groove for ceilings and inside of gables and dormers, interior framing lumber, loft and step railing, interior log staircase, decks and porches (as per plans), material required for log assembly- typically lag bolts or through bolts, caulking and sealant for between logs.

Your Log Home...

Building your log home is an investment of yourself. It is a reflection of your tastes, character, and even "karma". The soul of home is revealed in those who live in it, and a log home that is unique, designed by you, and built for your needs and desires is a deep reflection of those who's minds it became alive in in the first place.

We consider it an honor and privilege to work with so many diverse people who have one thing in common --- the love of log homes.

So when your turn comes for turning your thoughts into sketches and your dreams into reality, give us a call. Even beginning planning a few years before you are ready to build is smart.

And as always...

Thanks for reading!

Building Log Dreams,

Mike and Sue Lemmon

Cowboy Log Homes


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