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Look where life has taken me.

Updated on May 27, 2014

Summer was just getting started and I was spending most of my time with friends hanging at their houses for the weekend or going to the amusement park during the week to avoid the big crowds. Things were as good as they could be for the begining of summer and I hadn't a care in the world. Then one day an old friend called who had moved away to another state years ago telling me that she was going to come out to visit, not only that but she was bringing a friend she was going to "hook me up" with. Now I have heard this so many times from so many friends it is really not something i believe in anymore. Nevertheless I was asked to drop over to our friends house when they arrived. That day I went to the amusement park with some other friends that had made it almost a weekly ritual at that point to go there to get as much use out of our season passes as possible. I dropped them off at their houses after the day was done and headed to my friends house. I get there and hes there alone. They went to get a soda. So we waited for a little bit and then my friend walks in. Behind her is her friend and her son that she brought with. I was not sure what to say at the time because again I didn't think much of the situation. My friend then decides to drop a surprise bomb on us about her personal issues and that she came home to deal with them amongst friends and family. So we go in the house and talk for a while and both my friends having been together in the past had decided that they wanted to be together again recently go off to have their time alone, leaving her friend to sleep in a bedroom with no furniture and for sure no idea of what was going on in this strange new place. She was scared, and although this was not my problem I couldn't be another person just not caring about how she felt that night. So I stayed there and talked with her and made sure she got sleep. From there the next day my friend couldn't let us stay there because his wife (yes I said his wife) was going to be coming home when he picked her up. (they were gonna be divorced anyway but WTF) So of course I said they can come to my house. my friend, her friend, and her son. Things werent going well for our friend and at some point we had enough of the abuse we were now getting from her. So I made a call to her dad and he took care of the situation. leaving me to deal with her friend and how to get her home. We had no money and the next month would be our only salvation as money would arrive. So we went home. (I helped her go home) During the month she was with me she had decided to move out by me and live with me, so she ditched her old breaking down car and bought a new one near my house. we drove this back to her house. Later that night after we got home from being out for a while, police cars showed up and a car with a woman that would take her son from her. Hanging with our friend and leaving the state despite cautions against it from people out there caused concern for his well being. Now it was me that was stranded in a new place. Court came the next day and it was determined that she would need to do alot of things to get him back. Even though they knew she couldnt afford to stay there anymore and was moving in with me they were not reccomending it. But it was all we could do. Living a year with me, getting her residency changed and finding services that met the other states requirements was not at all easy, but with time and some hair pulling it happened. Every other week we traveled 300 miles one way to visit him. and 300 back home the next day. we had gotten to the point where we were trying for interstate contact in which things would get transfered out to where we live. But that didn't work out. You see I had only just moved back into my uncles house recently and was still moving things from my mothers house that she was losing. After grandma dies 3 years prior the house wasn't used much and things fell apart. we worked hard to fix it and when mom moved in after her power was shut off it started to get better. but the other house didn't fair so well. With no power and no heat this brutal winter took its toll on the pipes and destroyed much of what we had left in the house. All the things I was dealing with and then that was like a kick to the head. But I'm getting away from my intended story. After the interstate plan fell through we had no choice but to start looking for places back where she was from. finding a place was easier than i thought considering I've never done it before. Moving was a bit of a major pain but thankfully the neighbors helped us move into a place that is very pleasant and peaceful. That was a week ago. Almost a year after I met this person. Someone that I can't imagine spending the rest of my life without anymore. And soon with all the grace of God, The three of us will be one family, together again!


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