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Haunted Real Estate

Updated on August 24, 2012

Let's Begin

As a paranormal investigator I am often asked questions about haunted locations. Recently I was asked what I would do if I had the opportunity to buy a haunted house. I was quick to say I would simply buy it! That was not what I should have said. I may have unintentionally persuaded someone into buying something against their will. A lot needs to be considered before one simply jumps in and buys a house. I spoke with my friend over at her blog. I found out that buying a house of this nature is anything but easy.

Some people look at haunted real estate as being less than attractive and actually decrease the market value of the property. Others view it as being more valuable and tag a higher price tag. The reality is you need to know what you can do to afford a house with such conflicting standards on it. This requires research. Look at your site's local history and location. I wanted to know about the cost of such locations and just how to get a fixed rate. I am not much for finance talk, it confuses the living daylights out of me. I needed a way I could access this information and try to persuade my pal to look a little deeper before he bought that haunted 2 story house in the middle of nowhere. My friend Jessy turned me onto Perfect Score. Now I had some fuel to keep my fire going in my hopes that my buddy would not buy a house simply because it was haunted. (even though I would most likely do the same)

With help from the site detailing mortgage rates and finance cost my friend started to see a different point of view. I wanted to write this because to often people buy a house because of such silly reasoning. Some buy because the house is haunted, others because a star lived there. Either way a home should be bought for the right reasons. Educate yourself before you give up a ton of money.


 For more info on haunted real estate check out

Haunted Real Estate


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