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Looking for a Good Water Filter

Updated on July 13, 2010

Walking into the kitchen

This may have happened to you. You walk into the kitchen to get a drink of water. You fill your glass and raise it to your lips. Suddenly you are overwhelmed by a very nasty odor. Are you going to put that stuff into your body?

Looking into your tap water

There are a lot of things in drinking water. Even fluoride is not all this it is supposed to be. Did you know that fluoride is used to treat overactive thyroid conditions? It is not used much these days. However its past use is linked to its ability to slow down thyroid function. For people with an already slow thyroid, this cannot be good.

Bacteria and viruses can make their way into municipal water systems. This can make you and your family ill. In some water systems there can be a large number of toxins. Needles to say, it is in most people's best interest to filter their water.


You can buy bottled water. Yet, you really do not know what is in it. Some people refer to it as glorified tap water. Of course, this can also be an expensive undertaking. If you and your family drink several bottles a day, it can run into some real money.

Counter top units

So what type of system should you get? Naturally this depends on personal tastes and budgets. You can get a number of different types of water filtration systems. Some fit right on your counter top. Some fit under your counter. Some will filter your entire household.

For cost and convenience, a counter top filter unit is a good option. You can get some for under $50. You need to change the filter about twice per year. One such unit is the Watts 500315 model. There is a detailed review of this unit at Alice's Product Reviews.

Models to consider

You can buy one nice unit for under $40. It is the Counter top Superior Water System. This model is getting very good customer reviews at Amazon. Many people give it five stars.

There is another unit that comes in just under $60. It is the Watts 520008 Water Filter. This unit is similar to the others. However, it has an alarm that tells you when to change the filter cartridge.

There are other types of filters like under the counter and reverse osmosis. I will try to get to them later.


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