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Probably the biggest sofa in the world

Updated on August 30, 2012

Love at first sight

Not to long ago, actually it was not more than 2 weeks now, me and my man was taking a stroll in a furniture store looking for some boxes and lamps. It was right after work so we were both pretty tired, therefor I caught the man sitting in a sofa "resting". At first I didn't really see the sofa that well, I just wanted to pass on. But then he said, "Hey! this is a really nice sofa!". Yeah yeah I could not really disagree after taking a good look at it. It really was nice, and huge! And then and there both our minds started to wander away imagining it in our apartment. When we left the store, without buying the sofa, but deep inside we both probably knew that one day we would be back for it...

Making it real

So,not more than five days after we first saw this lovely sofa we happened to drive to the store again after work. And I say we happened to, because it was not according to plan, just an impulse we got. And we both knew what would happen in that store, but nothing could really stop us, we had reached the point of no return.

So in there we went straight up to the same girl that had answered our questions last time. We got some more info,went back to look at it again, and then we had decided. The seller told us this: "Just, so that you know, this is a very, VERY big sofa!" and we said that yeah,we know,we have measured and it will get in. "Okay, then how you want to pay?"

So we payed for it and then got home, waiting for the day we would be able to retrieve it.

A week later we went to the store again to get it. My father in law helped us out with a bigger car and trailer. And when we came to she store they again told us that, "just remember,this is a huge sofa!" And all we ever thought was "Really, how big could this sofa be?" We was abut to find out later that day...

There were two packages to this sofa, the first got in to the elevator and up in our apartment. No problem at all. Everything went perfectly smooth,so we was just about to tell our helper he could go home, when we realized that the bigger package did not go into the elevator. Okay, we started to tare it down as much as we could. And we were sure it would be enough.

So we tried again, and again and again. Still could not manner to get it into the elevator. Okay, we realized it would not work, so we just had to take the stairs up to the 10th floor. But after a few tries we just could not look at each other anymore. Both of our faces was boiling with anger and frustration. We had just bought a huge lovely sofa, and it didn't even get in to the house!

What to do?

The air was thick with anger at this point, and our minds was working at highest possible speed to come up with a solution to this huge mess.

While sitting there in our misery, one of our neighbours walks by. And she starts telling us how she had made the same mistake and had to sell the sofa on the very same day. That could have been a huge punch in the face,but it only made us want this sofa even more. Not was the small staircase or a small elevator gonna stop us from having our dream sofa!

So we finally agreed to have it brought back to my man's parents and we would be back taking it apart so that it would go in eventually. We had measured it properly and knew it would need to be about one foot shorter to get in. So we looked at this sofa over and over, where can we give it a go with the saw?

After thinking it over, and also, sleeping on it we had come up with a solution! If we cut of the back, then it would fit! The cover could be pealed of carefully, it wont show so much anyway since it will be turned against the wall. And if we when we put it back together make it able to take this part off again, we wont have a problem the day we will move out!

Damn we were happy with our solution, we just knew it would work, because none of us wanted to give up this wonderful piece of furniture. Guess what? It actually did work, and the sofa is now in it's rightful place in our living room. It is exactly as perfect as we thought, and we could not be happier.

Lessons learned

We did of course learn some good things from this experience:

  • Problems can be solved
  • We could do this without arguing
  • Follow your desire

So much trouble for a "love at first sight" piece of furniture. It was a great mess, but it turned out awesome in the end.


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    • jeshon profile image

      jeshon 5 years ago

      That's a way to do it! Sometimes you just got to have these things, not thinking of the size or practical matters. Thanks for your comment:)

    • Becky Katz profile image

      Becky Katz 5 years ago from Hereford, AZ

      My mom found a china cabinet at an antique shop. They lived in a normal house and didn't even think about how they were going to get this monstrosity into the dining room, around a sharp corner. It is 6'6" long and 6' tall. Solid mahogany and gorgeous. I have inherited it now. We had to take the window out of the wall to get in their dining room.