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Minimalist Closet Ideas

Updated on March 7, 2019
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Micha is an aspiring minimalist. And finding the process fun and liberating.


Minimalism and Fashion. Can they go together?

Growing up, I never followed fashion trends. But later in life, I realized I’ve been missing out on so much fun and just like any aspect of life, it is a skill that can be acquired. If life is indeed a game, we can level up in our fashion sense. A simple goal of “looking pleasing” is sufficient achievement to me; classy is too much to ask for.

So my best bet was going for the basics, mostly plains and complementary color palettes. I came across this really brilliant young vlogger to guide me.

Fashion will always be fast and changing. I know I can’t keep up with that. Minimalism is about having less, not going back to stores to keep up with the latest fashion trend.

So why did I embark on closet minimalism?

Because it is fun. Project makeover is always fun.

On a more personal level, I think I was sick of chaos and searching for some order and simplicity in my life. Clutter exhausts me more and closet full of clothes but nothing to wear situation adds to the stress.


How did I start?

First, I looked over my closet and sold or gave all that I haven’t used for a long time. I found out these are items which don’t fit me well, have a texture that feels bad on my skin, don’t look good on me and I have nowhere to wear. From the sale, I was able to earn some cash.

What was left in my closet were items I want to keep and I love. But they don’t mix and match. They were just random tops and bottoms.

I looked for ideas on Pinterest and referred to my mood board. From the money raised from the sale of my clothes, I went on a buying spree at thrift shops. I also shopped for footwear to match the look, and accessories such as belts to complete the look. It was a very fun experience for me. But before I buy items, I imagine the entire look and if it would go with something I already have.


I considered where I will use the clothes – mostly for Friday office wear which is our freestyle day in the office (Mondays to Thursdays we are in office uniforms) and for errands and travels. So basically, I had to create looks from casual to smart casual.

I have also prepared for two seasons in our country – summer and cold months. For the summer season, I chose the materials which are comfortable for the hot weather. While for the cold months, I arrange tops with long sleeves and warmer textures.

I organized them in my closet in a way wherein during summer, for example, I put the clothes for the summer months together at the most accessible place in my closet. These are blouses with a soft texture and cooling to the body.


Creating Entire Looks

I mixed and matched my clothes, trying them on one by one and finding out which pairs best goes with what. By the way, these looks I created are so that it matches the rural way of clothing. I wouldn’t want to look over the top and silly.

Over a weekend, I was able to create 4 office looks for summer. But it was a long way from making my closet “sane and happy”.

So, what I did was actually wear them to work, errands, and travels. I got some positive reactions from family, officemates, and people I come across with, like my doctor. The looks that earned good feedback, which I felt confident and good, I consider them perfect pairs. I stack these pairs together in my closet for easy access when I need something to wear again. There are colors that go perfectly well with one another, as well as with the cut and other details of the clothing. They simply suit your persona and looks flattering on you.

As I mentioned, I arranged them in stacks by pairs. I have a hanging rack for the pair I want to wear next, already ironed and “ready to go”.

Work in progress...

I have yet to find that perfect white, button-down shirt or that cami in most flattering color to me. But that is what makes it more fun. I will stick to my plan of having a few complete looks. I aim for an even leaner closet in the future.

These clothing sets will most likely serve me in the next 6 years. I may even have to rearrange them when I leave my current work or when I go a few sizes smaller from working out.


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