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Magic Bullet - Perfect for Everyone

Updated on October 6, 2011

Party in a box

To say, "I love my Magic Bullet Blender." would be an understatement. Four years ago, I watched the infomercial repeatedly, either because I was up way to late or completely fascinated with the claim that one could prepare a party in eight minutes. After weeks of nachos, salsa and margaritas prepared right before my very eyes, I went on line and ordered my very own Magic Bullet. This was before it was available in stores. I accepted the three part payment figuring that I could return it after 30 days if I was not completely satisfied. At the time I was really into whey powder mixes and drinks along with juicing fresh fruits and veggies.

When my Magic Bullet arrived, it looked just like the commercial. It comes with the base, two blending cups (one large, another small), four mugs with colored "lip" rings, two blades (one for chopping hard substances, another for blending) and two lids (solid and vented, for microwave or shaker.) The base is about the size of a large coffee mug and can sit anywhere you have that much space. Because the cups sits directly on top the entire unit remains compact. Just add the desired ingredients, screw on the blade and whiz, whiz, whiz, presto it's done. My first use was the protein drink I had been shaking in a jar for convenience or hauling out the blender when I had the time. No more. I was convinced.

The Magic Bullet comes with a recipe book and lots of suggestions that inspire even the reluctant party planner. Three of my favorite uses of my Magic Bullet are grinding, as in nuts, spices, and grains, chopping and blending. I purchase my nuts whole which gives me the option of how to cook and serve them. The smaller cup and shorter blade make chopping a breeze. Flax seeds known for vitamins, fiber and Omega-3 are best purchased whole and then ground as needed. The same process works for coffee. The larger cup and mugs can be used for crushing ice and making favorite drinks. We enjoy margaritas. Try this: one can of frozen limeade, 12 ounces of beer, and one can (limeade measure) of tequila. Fill the Magic Bullet mugs with ice; add the drink mix and whiz, whiz, whiz. Just like magic. Here's an idea from the book, but my own recipe: hummus - drain canned garbanzo beans, add your favorite ingredients - lemon juice, garlic, onion, red pepper, a bit of drained thawed frozen spinach and parmesan cheese. It will take a bit longer than six seconds, but the same principle applied, with some martini style shaking included. Blend until the hummus reaches the desired consistency. Best of all, clean up is easy. Add water to the empty container, place it back on the base and give it a spin. The containers are dishwasher safe as well.

This is a favorite appliance on my counter and one of the best investments I have ever made.


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      Baraka 9 years ago

      I've been using my mom's Magic Bullet intermittently, since she left it at her "weekend home" in St Louis. I most recently used it to whip up a frothy little kitty shrimp slurry for my dying (?) cat, and it worked perfectly! I don't think the other appliances I own could've done that. I'm thinking I should recycle some of my other appliances, make a little more room on my limited kitchen counter and get a Magic Bullet! Great review, Maria!