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Maintaining Your Brushed Nickel Bathroom Faucet

Updated on May 4, 2014

Households often choose a brushed nickel bathroom faucet over one made of chrome if they’re looking for something that’s appealing, but very easy to maintain for a lifetime. Although chrome is popular because of its constantly shiny polished look, it also requires careful cleaning. That’s particularly true since the surface will easily show water spots. Keep reading to learn more about the brushed nickel fixture finish, and how to keep it looking fabulous throughout its lifespan. Shop at RIVUSS to find your next brushed nickel bathroom faucet. You’ll discover appealing fixtures that enhance the look of your bathroom and suit your lifestyle.

The Creation - Brushed Nickel Bathroom Faucet

The Brushed Nickel finish over the fixture is made with a Physical Vapor Deposition; today this faucet finishing technology is everywhere and also replacing the electroplating process. The PVD coating is very fine, polishing the faucet before coating removes stains and imperfections that may show through the finish, and polishing after the finish is applied brings out its outstanding luster.

This faucet finish technology is at least 20 times more resistant to wear than the old standard electroplated finish. As a result of that bonding, the material ends up with a flat look compared to that of chrome. The appearance is simple, and not very shiny, but it’s still attractive with luster. This material is a smart choice for environments like hotel rooms, guest bathrooms, and other places where you want to maintain a pleasant look without a lot of effort.

How to Clean a Brushed Nickel Bathroom Faucet ?

People who install chrome faucets are often encouraged to clean them every day to maintain that characteristically sleek sheen. However, brushed nickel fixtures don’t have to be cleaned daily. Doing so might actually wear down the finish, requiring you to replace it sooner than what’s usually necessary. When it is time to clean yours though, there are a few easy steps to follow.

Begin by making a mixture that’s equal parts with warm water and mild liquid soap. If you don’t have any liquid soap on hand, distilled white vinegar works well too. After making water and soap mixture, apply it carefully to the fixture using a soft cloth.

After letting the cleaner sit on the surface for a minute or so, wipe it dry with a clean towel. Use broad, swift strokes and don’t scrub at the surface. Scrubbing is not necessary, and could cause damage to the brushed nickel finish. Always use non abrasive sponge along with a dampened soft cloth to clean and keep its luster and shine in perfect condition. If additional cleaning is required we recommend using bio-clean products. When you follow these easy steps, you can look forward to a fixture that looks beautiful for years after you install it. Visit Rivuss Care and Maintenance for more information


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