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Make your own cafe drinks with a Keurig Vue coffee maker

Updated on November 30, 2012

Keurig Vue brewing system was launched in february 2012 and caught the interest of coffee lovers very fast. In its very way, this machine is more than a coffee maker, it is a beverage bonanza. Like the K-cup system, it gives its users the option to customize their coffee. But unlike any other brewers, Vue is trying to bring the cafe world in people’s homes.


What is Keurig Vue brewing System?

Keurig Vue brewing system is, basically, a bigger, better Keurig K-cup. After the big success of the k-cup system, the Green Mountain Coffee Roaster and its Keurig subsidiary came up with a new idea: to engineer a coffee maker that allows people to make cafe beverages at home.
So, if you like cappuccinos, frappuccinos or lates you don’t have to drive to a cafe and pay lots of money for your preferred drink. You can make it on your own kitchen counter, with a keurig Vue.
Vue is a custom brewing system with adjustable water pressure, timing and air flow, that uses air infusion for froth and cafe beverages.

How Vue is different from K-Cup?

There are essential and non essential differences between K-cup brewers and Vue brewers.
The nonessential refers to variety of cup sizes, water reservoir capacity, or design.
The essential differences refer to the type of drinks, and the coffee you use.

Vue brewers

uses Vue coffee packs
choices of up to 8 cup size
largest cup size is 18
strength and temperature control
makes coffee, tea, hot cocoa, ice beverages and cafe and specialty beverages

K Cup brewers

uses K-cup coffee packs
automatic or programmable
choices of 3 to 5 cup sizes
largest cup size is 10 or 12 oz
makes coffee, tea, hot cocoa and iced beverages

Keurig Vue features at a glance:

  • customized coffee temperature
  • customized coffee strenght
  • brew up to 18 oz at a time
  • choose from 8 cup sizes
  • brew in under 1 minute
  • uses Vue coffee packs

How many Vue machines are on the market?

Up to present (november 2012) there are four Vue brewers:
Keurig Vue V700 Brewing System - for home
Keurig Vue V600 Brewing System - for home
Keurig Vue V1255 Professional - for office
keurig Vue V1200 Brewing System - for office

this is the badge of vue coffee packs
this is the badge of vue coffee packs

What kind of coffee uses the Vue system?

Any of the four Vue brewer use Vue coffee packs which are different then the K-cups (k-cups do not work).
The Vue packs are not available everywhere but is expected to be found in more and more store, as the popularity of the coffee maker increases.
For some beverages you need to use two Vue packs. For example, to make a late you first insert the frother pack and then insert the coffee one.
You can find over forty variety of coffee but only two for tea and four for coffee drinks. The best way to buy them in in bulk from or Amazon.

Should you buy it?

If you like speciality coffee and have some money to spend I will say “Yes, buy it”.
But if you think that this machine is just another version of the K-cup, I would say “Better wait.”

here are some pros and cons that I came across while reading about this Keurig Vue coffee maker:

The machine is BPA free, so worries on this issue.
Vue cups are recyclable, no more landfill mess.
It has a very attractive design and many users say it looks really nice and fits well under cabinets.
Makes a better, fresher coffee.
Brews the coffee right in your travel mug if you are on a hurry.
Brews a hotter coffee.

There isn't a cup designed for your own refill, like My K-cup.
Takes longer than a minute (as advertised) to make a bigger size coffee.
The Vue coffee packs are expensive and hard to find.
Does not fit all travel mugs, especially the very tall ones.
It takes some time to learn to use it at its capacity.

There is no doubt that this Keurig Vue coffee machine is an experimental one. Even if the coffee maker itself has flows, the idea behind it is great. To be able to make your own cafe beverages, at home, whenever you are in the mood, for you and for your guests, it is simply, the best.

If you decide to give it a try don't forget few things:
Make sure you know your return policy.
Be aware of any small prints though.
Ask the vendor about warranty and what it is covered and what is not.
Also, right now, Keurig offers its Vue 1200 for a free trial.
You have nothing to lose.


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