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Managing Your House Cleaning Checklist

Updated on April 25, 2019

Preparing a house cleaning checklist

Preparing a house cleaning checklist can be a good way of planning your regular household chores in an organized manner. It saves your precious time and effort in deciding your priorities while cleaning the house so that you can devote time to other important tasks at hand. If you are busy and get time only during the weekends for cleaning your house, then making a house cleaning checklist can make your life easy. If the house is messy and cluttered, it is highly likely that you may get confused without knowing where to begin the cleaning process.

House cleaning checklist

House cleaning checklist can help you to devise efficient ways in which you can minimize your cleaning efforts and take up a job which can be done with complete satisfaction. You can divide the activities for every week and plan activities such that you can finish them in the required amount of time. Besides, with a house cleaning checklist in hand, you can remember to do all the cleaning tasks without missing any one of them.

Things to consider while preparing a house cleaning checklist

House cleaning checklist must be prepared to keep your individual and family needs in mind so they will differ from each person. You should also know the amount of time that you can spare for cleaning activities on a weekly basis. There may be some things which may not require frequent cleaning so they can be categorized under the monthly cleaning tasks. Thus, you need to prioritize the tasks depending on your personal needs and cleaning requirements of the house.

You also need to consider if any of your family members can assist you in your cleaning work so that the work can be divided to complete a number of cleaning tasks. If you have small children, then you may be required to clean some things more often on a regular basis. You can choose any day in the week when you are completely free from other activities so that you can get involved in the cleaning activities.

A slip on the refrigerator

You can use post its or a slip on the refrigerator so that you remember to see your checklist every day and attend to the cleaning chores at the end of the week.

How to prepare a house cleaning checklist?

  • You need to take a piece of paper and divide it into 4 different sections which may consist of tasks that need to be completed daily, weekly, monthly and on a seasonal basis. To prepare the house cleaning checklist, you need to assign tasks by jotting down the activities which have to do for every room in the house. Make sure to include each task in the right column to avoid any confusion while cleaning at the later stage. Once you have finished writing down all the cleaning tasks, you can leave some space for adding more tasks for the future.
  • The next thing to do after making a house cleaning checklist is to take the weekly calendar and decide the tasks which can be taken up in the week on a priority basis. Plan cleaning activities in a judicious manner such that it provides you enough time for rest. Make sure that you do not plan any cleaning activities on other busy days of the week when you need to go out shopping and have other important activities and tasks at hand.

Devise a system that works best for you

  • The main aim of preparing a house cleaning checklist is to plan cleaning tasks in a systematic manner so that your house looks neat and clutter free amidst clean surroundings. However, you also need to consider the total area of your house and the number of rooms as well while making a house cleaning checklist. Besides, you need to plan cleaning activities for your garage, basement, and attic while preparing a house cleaning checklist in detail.
  • You may also have to plan your house cleaning checklist depending on the type of cleaning activities like dusting, vacuuming, moping and brushing which need to be followed in sequence. It is important to know where to begin to make the cleaning process more effective and efficient. You can start from the highest point like the ceiling and then proceed towards the corners and center of the room. If you have assigned tasks to each family member, then make sure to put the house cleaning checklist in a common place so that everyone knows their tasks and responsibilities well.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2019 Marwa Koti


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