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Manufactured Housing: 6 Benefits of Buying

Updated on December 26, 2011

Manufactured Housing Benefits

As I search for retirement housing options, the idea of manufactured housing made me think the worse. How well I remember those long boxy, railroad types of trailers from many years ago. But after doing a bit of some research, I have found there are many great new changes, including a housing code, that has vastly improved the quality of this type of housing.

Now a manufactured house is becoming a very viable option, especially since I would like to buy a piece of land in NC. I would also enjoy custom-designing a house to suit my specific needs.

Then what is manufactured housing?

Manufactured housing is made up of homes that are single family, built entrely in a factory, transported to your home site - where it is then assembled. When building a new home, a manufactured home can be an affordable option with many benefits. it seems that with manufactured housing you can often get the quality of many of the newer homes being built today.

What are the benefits?

1 - Builders Must Adhere to a Strict Code - Now all manufactured homes must meet standards administered by HUD - the U. S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. A code was enacted by HUD in 1976 and upgraded in 1994. The code regulates the design, energy efficiency, strengh and durability of the homes, as well as their fire resistance.

2 - Reasonable Costs - Depending on the floor plan you select, manufactured housing overall, is still the more reasonable option for new housing. The Manufacturer's Housing Institute (MHI) lists manufactured housing as ranging from under $20,000 for a basic home to over $100,000 for a multi-section home.

3 - No Delays - Having a home built in a factory will avoid the usual onsite delays. Waiting for shipments will not have delays caused by bad weather. Additionally, building materials will not be damaged by inclement weather, nor can they be stolen from the site.

4 - Computer Designed - Some manufacturers are using computer-assisted designing technology. This allows you the option of selecting variations in the floor plan.

5 - More Choices - There are far more options in manufactured housing floorplans. This includes bay windows, large walk-in closets, full-sized dining rooms, vaulted ceilings, and fully equipped kitchens. There are also exterior options, such as vinyl siding, wood, hardboard or metal.

6 - Financing for Manufactured Housing - Now there are more ways to obtain a loan. In addition to conventional loans, which can be done through the bank of your choice, or through the manufactured housing seller - loans can also be done through the federal housing agencies. The FHA (Federal Housing Administration) and the VA (Department of Veterans Affairs) both offer loans. However, both agencies may require more paper work and take longer, but generally offer lower rates and a lower down payment.

I like the option of picking out my ideal plot of land, where this housing is permitted, and then designing a house to fit that plot and to fit my needs. Right now, it is the land that is more important to me because I want to do extensive gardening and farming. But still need a swell home.

Note - Be sure to select only zero VOC paint for a cleaner interior. See link below for an article about zero VOC paint and see more links to other healthy living ideas.

manufactured housing
manufactured housing

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