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Mexican Pine Furniture: Beautiful Rustic Mexican Wood Furniture

Updated on July 26, 2017
DIYmommy profile image

Throughout their lives, Julie and her husband have purchased an assortment of new furniture, to include Mexican pine wood furniture.


Beautiful Wood Furniture In Your Home

There are few better choices when decorating the home than Mexican pine furniture, for a number of reasons. These pieces are truly beautiful and lovely additions to any space, and they are very sturdily made. Mexican pine furniture is well crafted, simple yet strong, and wonderfully complementary to any part of your home.

Long before we decided to purchase our own home, my husband lived for a brief period in my parent's basement. A full finished suite, complete with a bedroom, living area, and a small (but usable and effective) kitchen, the presence of this type of furniture brought along with it a durable, sturdy and cost-effective solution to our need for furniture without breaking the bank.

This article is all about Mexican pine furniture and the various ways you can use it to decorate your home. You'd be amazed how many ways you can use simple rustic Mexican wood furniture to augment the many spaces in your home. Bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens and dining rooms will all benefit from the tasteful addition of one of these solid, lovely pieces.

Let's get started with this article and learn all about Mexican pine furniture and its many uses.


There are some real advantages to Mexican pine furniture that make them very attractive as core pieces in your home décor plans.

Mexican pine furniture is extremely durable for a few reasons: the construction is solid and simple, and it isn't overly decorative so there are few pieces to break off or snap. The solid pine used in the construction isn't overly expensive or difficult to work with, but it is very strong and reasonably flexible for many uses. This means that you get a solid, inexpensive piece of solid wood furniture that is well suited for multiple uses.

This type of furniture is attractive, and the simple finish will match with many types of rustic and warm decorating schemes. A piece of rustic Mexican wood furniture is just as at home in the cottage as it is in an upscale living room. The blonde colored wood and the black iron hardware provide an excellent palette for other accent pieces to work off of. These pieces are not real eye catchers, but they work in any situation, and they bring palpable warmth to a room. Not to mention, Mexican pine furniture smells great!

Mexican pine furniture isn't overly decorative, and when you find some ornamentation it's usually carved into the wood itself. The pieces have a very authentic, hand-crafted feel to them. This type of furniture was crafted by artisans living in western Mexico and the Southwestern United States, and it reflects that uncomplicated lifestyle.

In the Dining Room:

You can use rustic Mexican wood furniture in the dining room or kitchen in a number of ways. These pieces will lend an authentic and homey feel to these rooms, so you should pair them with country chic decoration and avoid anything super modern looking.

A great way to incorporate these pieces into your home is by using a Mexican pine table as the centerpiece of your kitchen or dining room. These tables are very sturdily built and will last a lifetime if you care for them properly. Not overly ornamental, you can use a nice country chic tablecloth and pair these pieces with warm tones or light blues for a great effect.

You can also consider installing these types of pine cabinets in your kitchen. The natural color of pine and the lovely finishes available will add color, vibrancy, and life to this space while adding a country appeal to the area.


In The Bedroom:

You can also utilize the versatility of this type of furniture in a bedroom setting, because these pieces are great as accents for a bedroom space. Mexican pine wardrobes are amazingly simplistic and beautiful pieces that will liven up a space and add real warmth. The western aesthetic works well in almost any setting, again just make sure to avoid anything modern like stainless steel or dark lacquered wood (the contrast will be quite noticeable).

You can pair your nice new wardrobe with a set of simple yet sturdy and reliable Mexican pine dressers. These solid little pieces will last for a lifetime.

You can refinish this type of furniture to a different color tone, within reason. Ultimately you're working with pine so there are limitations, but since these pieces are solid wood you can basically sand, paint or refinish them to your heart's content.

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    • Jason R. Manning profile image

      Jason R. Manning 

      4 years ago from Sacramento, California

      Greetings DIY, I love this type of furniture. When my wife and I lived in Arizona, this is what we decorated our home with, except we had Indian Mesquite which was heavier and gorgeous. There is one more major advantage you can mention in this hub, pine is very light compared to most other solid woods, thus moving around this type of furniture is less of a burden. One does need to keep some little bit of moisture on the smoother surfaces, they tend to scratch very easily and deep. Otherwise the more rustic, the more nicks and scratches blend in. Great topic to hub about.

    • DIYmommy profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago

      Pedrn44-Thank you for the comment! That's awesome that you have the same dining room set, rustic Mexican furniture is absolutely gorgeous.

    • pedrn44 profile image


      5 years ago from Greenfield, Wisconsin

      I love this furniture. You have a pic of my dining room set and my younger sister's entertainment unit. I have a house full of this rustic Mexican furniture. thanks for sharing this hub:)


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