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Milwaukee Impact Driver

Updated on April 12, 2012

Milwaukee Impact Driver

Why Get A Cordless Impact Driver?

Milwaukee Impact Drivers Save Time And Effort

If you have not experienced the joy of being able to drive the toughest fasteners with little or no effort, it's about time to try out a cordless impact driver.

Given the choice between a cordless drill driver and a cordless impact driver to complete your fastening job, which would you choose?

Consider these facts...

  1. An impact driver has nearly 4 times as much torque as a drill
  2. There is very little "impact" on your wrist and arm due to the way an impact driver works
  3. You can use an impact driver with less power than a drill (thus saving money when purchasing)

Power Comes In Different Packages

When buying a cordless drill, you will probably want to get the 18-volt model, since you don't want to be without enough power to do all your fastening jobs. However, when you get an impact driver, you don't really need to go for the largest and most powerful.

Milwaukee impact drivers come as fairly compact units, but they sport high levels of power. Therefore, you can get a 12 volt model rather than an 18 volt one. Less strain because its smaller, but plenty of driving power.

One of the most impressive benefits of a good impact driver is how much it does not stress the body. Personally, I am getting up in age, and since I don't use my tools every day, they really strain the old body now. Using a tool like the Milwaukee cordless impact driver is such a pleasure because one does not have to "help" the tool by leaning into it when tougher jobs require more torque.

The impact mechanism does the work. All you have to do is guide the tool and squeeze the trigger. It's a thing of beauty to see the fastener melt into the material.

Want to feel really good? Try driving a large lag bolt with your impact driver. That will sell you on the convenience of impact drivers.

Impact Driver/Drill Kit

It is definitely not time to throw out your cordless drill. There are still so many uses for it. After all, it has been the darling of the handy home owner and/or construction worker for many years.

So why not arm yourself with a pair of Milwaukee cordless tools?

You not only get two tools, but you get two batteries as well. These are fast charging lithium ion batteries. Lithium ion are the best. They do not lose their charging capacity over time like the older NiHD batteries do.

My Milwaukee Story

Red (and yellow) is the color of power and longevity. I buy Milwaukee or DeWalt most of the time.

Years ago, a friend of mine asked me to trade him one of my tools for his Milwaukee circular saw. My pair of tin snips were worth a few bucks, but he needed some snips, and he had a truckload of power saws.

Being the kindhearted sole that I am, I made the trade.

I still have the Milwaukee circular saw. It is a workhorse that I have put through the toughest trials possible, from cutting normal wood to plaster walls and even concrete. This saw has never failed me. It has made me a Milwaukee fan for life.

Which is why I am promoting the Milwaukee impact driver now. No matter which model you decide on, it will be a long term winner in your arsenal of tools.


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