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Mini Gardens in the City

Updated on July 3, 2022


When one thinks of a garden they usually imagine a large plot of land with beautiful, fresh, and delicious vegetables and fruits hanging from every angle.While this a gorgeous scene- anyone can grow their own delicious fresh produce. Gardening is actually very simple and some plants don't require much space and can bring out the creativeness in us all. So I decided that for a resource of ideas I would post some plants that can be grown in pots or small areas and that will work even for those living in apartments!



Tomatoes are one of the most common types of garden produce. And with over 7000 different varieties of tomatoes world wide- there is bound to be a type for everyone. Tomatoes come in a variety of colors, shapes, slight flavor differences, and fruit sizes. For example a cherry type tomato is small round and is most often the tomatoes you get in salads that you purchase because they are a sweeter type tomato. Tomatoes are classified as a fruit although they are often referred to as a vegetable- and the great thing about tomatoes is they can be grown almost anywhere.



Peppers are divided into two main categories. Hot and Sweet. Hot peppers can include Jalepeno, Hot Bannana. Chayene, and cowhorn. While sweet peppers can include banana sweets and Bell Peppers. Peppers are usually green or red in color but some can include yellow, purple, and even black.

Peppers are an annual plant like most types and can be used in salads, eaten raw, and preserved for later use. You can plant seeds to grow or you can generally purchase plants from places that sell vegetables.



Beets usually have to grown from seeds as even vegetables stores rarely sell started beets plants. Or at least not around where I live. The seeds are brown in color and take about 50 days to the time beets can be harvested. Beets can be prepared in a variety of ways; steamed, peeled, shredded, cooked, and preserved. Beets are a root vegetable meaning they actual vegetable is under the soil. Beets were also used in earlier times to relieve constipation. Beets are also mentioned in a herbal form of "renewing and restoring" the blood cells.



Turnips are another root vegetable but most people where I live choose to prepare both the turnip itself and the greens. The greens from the turnip serve as a a great way of getting many vitamins each day including vitamin A,K, C and much more! The greens (or tops) from the turnips is also much richer in calcium. The actual turnip is rich in vitamin C and has a great flavor to them. Since turnips are grown under the ground- it would be wise to place them about 6 inches apart.



Once again another root vegetable. Carrots can grow up to 14 inches long although harvest can begin as early as 6 inches long. Carrots are great companion plants for tomatoes and if the container is large enough then they can be planted beside one another. Carrots are most often used in stews, soups, salads, and dressings. Carrots are usually orange in color although other colors are not uncommon.

How it works

Really most types of vegetables and herbs can be grown in containers. The only difference is that those grown in containers usually require a higher amount of watering. So what do you need to grow these vegetables in containers?

  • Large containers
  • The seed or plants
  • Potting Soil- Preferably a high nutrient one
  • Water
  • Sunlight

Take your large container- fill with the potting soil- plant your seeds or plants- water- place in the sunlight and let it grow. of course you are going to want to water from time to time to ensure quality growth and may even consider fertilizers.

Sounds simple enough right? That is because like I said before Anyone can grow a garden. A garden isnt defined by the size of the plot of soil nor the person growing it- but the ability to produce your own fresh food. So my suggestion? Get creative. Not only are vegetables delicious but they make beautiful plants.


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