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Mirrored Nightstand To Light Up Your Home - Top 5 Picks

Updated on April 2, 2011

Mirrored furniture is considered to be one of the most sophisticated furniture you can add to your home. Some people enjoy decorating their entire home in the mirrored style, and some prefer more simple solutions such as adding a mirrored nightstand to their bedroom. You do not have to worry if a mirrored nightstand will match your current home décor.

Because of its unique design they will flatter any home style. Mirrored furniture is used to spruce up the ambient. And it is definitely not the type of furniture that will blend in with the other furniture in the room as a mirrored nightstand is created to draw the attention of the viewer and increase the appeal of a bedroom.

Mirrored Night Stand-Silver Leaf by American Drew
Mirrored Night Stand-Silver Leaf by American Drew

The greatest advantage of having a mirrored nightstand is that will make the bedroom seem bigger than it really is. It creates the illusion of space, and for that same reason mirrored furniture is recommended for usage in smaller spaces and smaller rooms. You do not have to overdo it,even one properly selected mirrored furniture will be enough to do the trick. Of course, a mirrored nightstand is not only great for aesthetics, but also for storage space.

Some have only one drawer or compartment whilst other can have up to 3 compartments. The drawers differ in size and number. It would be wise to look at the storage capacity as well when choosing a mirrored nightstand. If you do not need that much storage space, then go with a nightstand with less drawers which will also probably less expensive. If you want to combine convenience with beautiful design, then select a nightstand with more drawers.

Bassett Mirror Chelsea Nightstand
Bassett Mirror Chelsea Nightstand

The unwritten rule is to choose a nightstand according to the size of the bed. You do not want it to look to big or to small when placed next to the bed. The only disadvantage with a mirrored nightstand is that is delicate and light inducing. Since it is delicate, you will have to be more careful with it and not place very heavy items on it.

Also, since after all a nightstand is covered with mirrored surfaces, it attract fingerprints. It is recommended to place something on the nightstand which will enable you to leave a glass of water without worrying if it will leave a stain. Obviously, a mirrored nightstand is not ideal if you have little children going into your bedroom all the time.

Glass Accent Table - 25.25"
Glass Accent Table - 25.25"

As far as the light inducing aspect, some people state it as a disadvantage since mirrored surfaces on the nightstand can reflect the light from the street and similar outdoor light situations. That must be some strong street lights. In order for that to happen, you would have to be extremely close to street lights or any kind of outdoor light for that matter.

Also, you would have to have several larger mirrored furniture items for that to happen. On the other hand, most people see the light inducing aspect as a benefit. During the day, the mirrored nightstand can reflect the sun rays and add a little glow to your room making it look bright and shiny.

Bethel Hu106 - Mirrored Bedside With 2 Drawers
Bethel Hu106 - Mirrored Bedside With 2 Drawers

During the night, you can light some candles and see how the candlelight reflects beautifully from the mirrored nightstand throughout the bedroom. That way a mirrored nightstand can create a romantic and soothing atmosphere in your bedroom with candle light shimmering on the nightstand.

Which is something you can not achieve with a wooden nightstand. Since a mirrored nightstand is one of the most elegant furniture you can have, so is its price. The average price is somewhere between $400 and $800, but can be found at a cheaper price as well as even more than $800. Down below are listed top 5 best selling mirrored nightstands on Amazon from low to high prices. Take your pick and enjoy.


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    • profile image

      Alison Wells 5 years ago

      Glam Furniture has a classy new mirrored line called Harlow. There are several mirrored nightstands and chests in the line. They are a little different style from what you see at Horchow and Neiman Marcus.