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Bright Light Anywhere Anytime with Tiny LED Flashlights

Updated on September 3, 2013

LED flashlights are so tiny and so bright!

Flashlights are so much more fun than they used to be. After all it is really not convenient or cool to carry a clunky flashlight around in your purse. Why would you do that? Well, when you leave home in the dark and return home in the dark there are many opportunities to need extra light.

Even though I keep a key clamp on the outside of my purse I continually drop my keys inside my purse. You know what happens then. I have to dig down deep to find them. While in the checkout line at my favorite Wal-Mart I get in a hurry. Why is it that when quarters, dimes, nickels and pennies gather at the bottom of my bag I can only pull out the pennies?

I have those little plastic covers for the keys that I use a lot. My home key has a red cover and my business key has a green one. My van and my car key have the thick black upper end on them and my pick-up key is long and narrow. Those are not my problem. My mom’s key, my deadbolt keys, and my post office box key are not so easily distinguished.

Tiny Key Chain Size Flashlight

Find the key hole in the dark!

When I get up early in the morning there are others still asleep. Although there is sufficient light to move around the house it is difficult to see inside drawers and closets. It is embarrassing to arrive at work wearing one blue and one black sock.

My morning jog begins before daylight. If the wind is blowing I hear so many sounds that I am not familiar with and I get a little nervous. I feel better when I can identify where the noise is coming from. Often it is a metal sign squeaking on its hinges, a flag pole cable clanging against the pole or even a piece of plastic trying to escape from its bundle of lumber in the lumber yard.

All of these examples are why I like those tiny flashlights that fit on a key chain. Their light is bright and focused. It is easy to pinpoint what you are looking for without disturbing anyone else. They are small enough to carry anywhere without adding too much bulk. They seem to last forever so a dead battery is less of a problem.

I cannot think of anyone I know that would not benefit from a tiny flashlight to help them when they least expect to need one.


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    • earnestshub profile image

      earnestshub 9 years ago from Melbourne Australia

      These prices are so good! I am in Australia and they are more expensive here and I have never seen such a large range either.