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Modular Carpet Tiles for the Home

Updated on September 29, 2011

Modular carpet tiles are one of the hottest ways to breathe some new life into a room for very little money. These carpet squares can provide a homeowner with an amazing array of colors, patterns, pile, stain resistance and other benefits normally only found on expensive roll carpeting. The same features that homeowners love are now packaged in a convenient and inexpensive form that is also easy to install.

Residential carpet tiles still suffer from bad publicity. In many people's minds, these tiles are still thought of as being dark, stained, cheaply made industrial carpeting like the kind found in offices throughout America. Today's line of modular carpet tiles couldn't be further from the truth. Besides the designer colors and patterns, modern carpet tiles can feature multi-depth piling, which can create a sculptured look. The quality is not just skin deep, but goes to the core. These carpet squares also boast the same range of desirable features as the rolled up variety: mildew and mold resistance, stain resistance, fade resistance, and easy peel-and-stick backing. These features are standard on many brands and usually are just as affordable as basic tiles and many are even suitable for use as garage flooring!

It is little wonder that so many do-it-yourself home decorating shows opt for these self-adhesive carpet tiles. The installation and wear make them perfect for any space. If an individual tile becomes worn or stained it can easily be pulled and replaced. This can save homeowners a great amount of money. Because the tiles are the same size and shape it also makes it easy to mix and match and create interesting patterns. They cut with a regular utility knife and can be placed over many existing surfaces with little advance preparation. People actually enjoy installing them and seeing the bold transformation that takes place afterwards.

Buying Carpet Tiles

Unlike traditional carpeting that must be planned carefully for, buying modular carpet tiles is a snap. The square footage of the room is calculated with a small allowance for cuts. If a project is short, it is easy to just buy another box as needed. Because the tiles are stacked and packed in boxes shipping and transporting them around the house are easy. No more lugging heavy rolls of carpet up stairs and around tight bends in the hallway. Residential carpet tiles are available at most carpeting or flooring stores, but they are also easy to order online. The most famous carpeting companies like Mohawk and Berber design quality tiles for the home. The cost is often less than traditional carpeting and when you factor in the benefits of carpet tiles the price difference really doesn't matter. There are plenty of places to find cheap carpet squares, too. The next time a homeowner is looking for a big change, they can look to a small package - one full of ready to install carpet tiles! The whole family will enjoy the change.


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    • whitton profile image

      whitton 7 years ago

      Great Hub!

      Use of carpet tiles help to avoid such accidents like slippery floors in your home. It is an advantage for the family who has younger children or toddlers. Luckily that today, it is easier to find tile stores. You may ask one of the tile stores regarding home improvements and safety tips for your home, too.