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Shark and Spin Mop Reviews from a Housekeeper

Updated on January 2, 2014

The Shark Steam Pocket Mop

I received a Shark Steam Pocket Mop in December 2011 when they were fairly new. The price back then was almost $200. I used it weekly to clean approximately 1,000 square feet of tile floors. I never used the recommended distilled water. I just used regular tap water. Occasionally I ran a mixture of water and vinegar through the mop to clean out the internal parts from using the tap water. After about a year or so, I started running straight vinegar through it on occasion. If I were to do it over, I would start using straight vinegar through it every other month from the beginning.

I used this Shark Steam Pocket Mop until October 2013. I felt the need to replace it because it was steaming less. It is still usable, but does not do as well on sticky spills because it does not steam as well as it did new. It seems that one side of the mop is steaming better than the other. I would guess that the internal tubes that carry the steam have finally began to clog from using the tap water.

I would believe if I had used distilled water, it may have lasted for another year. However, the cost of purchasing distilled water for the lifetime of the mop is not justifiable. Vinegar is a great cleaning agent for tile floors and the decision to clean with it on occasion to clear out the pollutants was sufficient to make this $200 product last nearly 2 years. And give a great shine to the floors! Now a replacement of the exact same product has went down to about $100, making it even more reasonable to skip out on the distilled water knowing the product will still last 2 years or more.

When I first acquired the mop, I really did not expect it to last 2 years. Judging by looks and price I really thought it may not be a sturdy enough product to clean such a large house on a weekly basis for very long. I just wanted a new toy! I truly am amazed that it did such a good job cleaning and that it was so durable.

So much, in fact that I replace it with the Shark's new model and when I went shopping for a new vacuum cleaner I decided to go with the Shark even though the Dyson is so popular and such good reviews.

I would recommend the Shark Steam Pocket Mop for cleaning tile and linoleum floors. It is light weight, easy to use, great value, and Eco-friendly.

I would NOT recommend the Shark Steam Pocket Mop to be used on wood floors or laminate. There is no adjustment on the amount of steam on this model. It can ruin wood and laminate flooring!

With that said, if you do not have wood or laminate flooring this model is the one to choose versus the Pro model. The pro model is the same as the original pocket mop except it has an adjustment for the amount of steam. So, save yourself fifty to a hundred bucks and buy the plain model if you only have tile and/or linoleum.

The Shark Pro Steamer

This was my second Shark product. Mostly it is the same as the above original Shark Steam Pocket Mop with one very specific upgrade, you can adjust the steam amount. I use the mop in the same manner as explained about with vinegar instead of using distilled water. I purchased this product in October 2013 to replace my original Shark steamer. I love it just as much.

I did not know when I purchased it that it could be used on bamboo floors. I found out by reading the booklet included inside the box. I just wanted to replace my original Shark but the store was sold out of them and the newer model was the alternative.

I was happy I could use it on the wood floors too. I do not use it on the wood floors alone, but it does shine them up nice occasionally when I do not want to use a mop and bucket. You can see my other hub "How to Care for Bamboo Floors" for more information on wood flooring. I have added a link at the end of this article for convenience.

The Shark Pro Steamer works great on laminate as well. The machine has 3 settings; light steam for wood and laminate, medium for mopping, and high steam for scrubbing. I tend to use the high steam in the kitchen and medium everywhere else on the tile and of course the low setting for wood.

Spin Mop

The Spin Mop

The Spin Mop was another new toy. I watched the infomercial, decided to try it out. I think we paid about $50 all together with tax and shipping. I think it was well worth it so far.I have had it for about 6 - 9 months and use it every other week, sometimes more.

It came with two mop heads. They say to just throw in the washer. Well, not exactly. I have busted one in the washer. It still works but the plastic ring is broken. Now I wash them on the lowest spin and agitation settings on the washer.

I was a little aggravated at first with the way the mop is made, the handle will come apart if you do not use it correctly. After the first few times of using it, I got the hang of it. Now no problems. I use this mop mostly for the bamboo floors because it rings out the water well and creates a lightly damp mop that is good for hardwoods and laminate.

It works just as good on tile but I prefer to use my steamer on the tile and linoleum. The Spin Mop also is good for cleaning baseboards. You just turn your mop up against the wall and run it down the baseboards. I usually clean the tile floors with Pine-Sol so it can be used to clean the baseboards and walls.

This mop is easy to use, easy to care for. I recommend this mop in place of any other kind of bucket mop. It beats sponges, rope, and microfiber mops that I have used.

Shark Steam & Spray Mop

I purchased this item because it advertised that it was acceptable for hardwood floors.But it is NOT acceptable to use on bamboo floors. I tried the product before I returned it on tile flooring. I was not impressed. It seemed to be a bulked up Swiffer. If you like mopping with a Swiffer style of spray on a cleaner and wipe over with a microfiber cloth, this may be an option for you. It is not a bad product, I just did not like it personally. The regular steamer works just as well on any dirt I have had to clean up and there are no chemicals to add with a regular steamer.

Original Shark
Euro-Pro Shark
Spin Mop
Yes, Recommmend Murphy's Oil
Shark Steam & Spray
Not recommended


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