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Morphy Richards Toasters

Updated on August 5, 2010

A toaster is an essential item for any kitchen and a Morphy Richards toaster is a great choice from a well known brand, allowing you to make toasted bread, bagels and pastries for breakfast or at any time. Morphy Richards make several types of toasters allowing you to toast 2 or 4 slices of bread at one time and in a range of designs to fit into any kitchen.

Morphy Richards is a UK based electronics company producing sandwich toasters, kettles, bread makers, hair dryers and other appliances as well as toasters. The first Morphy Richards toaster was made in 1949. The company is well known for producing good quality kitchen appliances at reasonable prices.

The two main types of toasters produced by Morphy Richards are the 2-slice and 4-slice toasters which both come in a range of different designs. 2-slice toasters are great for couples or people living on their own, while 4-slice toasters are a better size for families.

Morphy Richards 4 Slice Toaster

4-Slice toasters are available from Morphy Richards in several different models as listed below. You can choose a style that fits with your kitchen from the ‘Accents’ range which comes in chrome and a range of colors including cream, red, black or the ‘Essentials’ range in white or graphite. There are a range of polished models in stainless steel which look great in any kitchen or to really make a design statement, choose the ‘Fusion’ long slot toaster with its futuristic lines.

Each model comes with different functions including variable bread width, high lift for smaller bread items, deep toasting chamber for large items, cancel, reheat and frozen bread option buttons, removable crumb tray, and variable browning control.

Current Morphy Richards 4 Slice Toaster Models

Accents – Burgandy Red Heritage, Blue, Green, Red, Translucent Black, Jet Black, Burgandy, Polished stainless steel, Country Cream.  Recommended retail price from £39.99 for the cream model to £59.99 for the Heritage model.

Metallik – Recommended retail price of £49.99 in stainless steel finish.

Essentials – Silver or White. Recommended retail price of £24.99.

Morphy Richards 2 Slice Toaster

The 2-slice toasters by Morphy Richards also come in a range of designs and styles with various features such as variable browning control, variable bread width, high lift toasting trays and options for cancel, reheat and toasting frozen bread.

In terms of style, the ‘Accents’ range come in a range of colors, accented with chrome or you can choose the stylish Manhattan or Meno models in chrome or Metallik in stainless steel. There is also a 2 slice version of the modern design latitude toaster. For a more basic toaster, the ‘Essentials’ model is available in black or white.

Current Morphy Richards 2 Slicer Toaster models are as follows:

Manhattan – Recommended retail price £49.99 in polished Stainless Steel

Meno - Recommended retail price £49.99 in polished or brushed Stainless Steel

Metallik/Beech Recommended retail price £49.99 in brushed Stainless Steel with polished steel or beech accent

Accents – Dove White, Polished Stainless steel, Black, Blue, Green, Red, Jet Black ranging from recommended retail price £23.99 for the Jet Black version to £34.99 for the Dove white and polished stainless steel models

Latitude - recommended retail price £29.99 in black

Essentials recommended retail price £16.99 in black or white

Morphy Richards Ecolectric Toaster

The Morphy Richards eco toaster has now been discontinued but may still be available in online stores, so buy it while you can! This toaster is one of the most energy efficient toasters you can buy and is made from 100% recyclable materials and packaging. This toaster uses 34% less energy than standard toasters due to its design features such as an auto-close lid which retains the heat and reduces cooking times.


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