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Moss Explosion:Greenery At Its Finest

Updated on April 13, 2016
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Tammy is an avid gardening writer and love the horticulture field. Selling USDA licenses plants to all states and 13 foreign countries.


Moss is one of the very best plants for accenting and ground coverage. It has been adopted by many as an excellent alternative to grass lawns. It is very low maintenance and provides a fuller and vibrant green coverage for longer. It is simply more efficient than grass in almost every way.

There are many different types of moss, and each type is suitable for many different purposes. It may be one of the lesser known attributes to gardening, but there is something to be said for Moss in all its varieties and colors. Take a short journey through the world of moss and engage in a closer look at five of the most well-suited species of this versatile foliage.

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Reindeer Moss

This moss will not attract any large men in flying sleighs, but it sure is interesting. Its growth pattern and coloring are much different from most people’s typical vision of moss. Reindeer moss is not bright green like most mosses tend to be. Instead, this species of moss exudes a softer shade of green. It is almost florescent or pastel. This foliage enriches the soil around its base with small nitrogen contributions which is a necessary element for growth in most plant life.


Spaghnum Moss

For more practical uses, Spaghnum Moss is the best of the best in the gardening world. It can be used to provide bedding for hanging basket plants. Spaghnum is ideal for using as mulch in the flower bed and can grow without any soil. Like most strains of moss, this plant is great for soil enrichment as it produces high levels of nitrogen.

Rock Cap Moss

It is all in the name of this species of moss. Rock Cap Moss is utilized to provide an ornamental covering in rocky areas of a landscape. Moss does not require soil to thrive and grows rapidly for even full coverage of the chosen surface. This particular type of moss changes colors with the seasons. It is not evergreen.


Carpet Moss

Aptly named, Carpet Moss is an excellent lawn alternative. It requires no mowing or watering. Say goodbye to long days in the sun with angry blades of grass plowing their way through your sinuses. Carpet Moss will carpet the outdoors and remain vibrantly green all year round. It is suitable for domestic usage, but commercial usage can benefit from this low-maintenance plant.



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