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Moss:The Mysterious Mood Setter

Updated on December 26, 2016
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Tammy is an avid gardening writer and love the horticulture field. Selling USDA licenses plants to all states and 13 foreign countries.


Thomas Kinkade saw the beauty in moss and captured its essence in many of his paintings. Bob Ross gracefully portrayed the wispy nature of moss along his painted waterfalls and streams. For generations, the ornate aesthetic of various species of moss has been represented by an extensive list of award-winning painters and artists.

In gardening or landscaping, mossis an accessory. It is widely used as an accent or backdrop to bring contrast to the color scheme. Moss will effortlessly enhance any shady areas in the garden. It is ideal for cleaning up stagnant water and aids in the reduction of certain pests, like mosquitoes.

Take a closer look at the world of Moss. Enlighten the mind a bit, and learn a few helpful bits of information. How can this slimy, slippery green invader be a symbol of renewal and peace in the darker places of nature? Take a peek at this short video.


Moss for Ground Cover

One of the most common uses for moss in landscaping is for ground cover. When large open spaces present a challenge, Moss is the type of plant to take control of the situation. It spreads quickly to cover any featureless area of the land with a thick vibrantly green blanket of plant life.

Carpet Moss (Mnium hornum)

Carpet Moss is aptly named. It grows outward as opposed to growing upwards. With proper and sufficient watering, Carpet Moss will cover a vast area of ground quickly. It is also able to grow and spread on unlikely surfaces. Concrete and asphalt are no challenges for this species of moss.


Sheet Moss (Hypnum)

Sheet Moss is known for its coverage abilities as well. This moss is celebrated for its capacity to replace grass for a residential lawn. It is easier to maintain than typical lawn coverings. There is no need to mow or fertilize.

Low-Maintenance Solution

Although Moss is pretty much always a low-maintenance solution, there are some varieties of the plant that require almost no maintenance at all. Try tinkering with a few of these suggestions.

Tree Moss

Some people do their best to hinder moss from growing on their trees, although it makes for a dreamy accent to the land surrounding a flowing creek or natural spring.

5 stars for Tree Moss

Spanish Moss originated in Spain.

See results

Spanish Moss

Spanish Moss is not technically a moss. It is not Spanish either. It is a perennial flowering plant, but it has no roots. It hangs from tree limbs and fences. This plant may seem parasitic at first sight, but it is self-sustaining.


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