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Cut Standby Power Off and Reduce Power Bill - Must Have Tools to Stop Vampire Energy

Updated on September 20, 2014

So many people don't realize that vampire energy exists. This standby energy is caused by the circuit running energy to a receptacle where are devices plugged in.So, even if you turn on your TV, the circuit is still running energy to it.

Vampire power is wasted electrical energy that is consumed while electronics are switched off but still plugged in. And, if you stop to think about it, you probably leave many devices plugged in when they're still off- the TV, desktop computer, stereo, printer, computer monitor, video game console, coffee maker, stove, DVD player, lamps and so much more!

Well, this standby power accounts for about 12% of your average household energy bill. This may not sound like a lot, but 12% adds up throughout the year. Standby power actually accounts for about $4 billions a year.

Standby power is not only wasted energy, but it's wasted money.

There are options other than unplugging every device (except freezers, refrigerators and similar items). Smart receptacles and smart power strips can break the circuit and stop up to 98% or more of vampire energy.

ThinkEco Modlet

The modlet is a wireless dual outlet that instantly gives you control over any devices plugged into the modlet. This is a great way to save money one your washer and dryer that are always plugged into a receptacle- set the receptacle on a timer to cut power to the devices at night or when you're not at home cleaning laundry.

Plug the modlet directly into your receptacle. Create a user account on Start tracking your energy use and set energy-saving schedules online.

You can even download the app on your iPhone or Android to control your modlet when you're away from home.

This kit includes 1 dual-socket wireless outlet, 1 USB receiver, and 1 registration key for an online mymodlet account. (One USB can network up to 23 modlets and it is also compatible with the smartAC modlet.)

  • Plug right into your wall outlet to gain wireless control of your electronic devices
  • Set highly-customizable schedules to automatically turn connected devices on and off
  • Quantify how much energy you are using vs. saving in kWh, money and CO2
  • Access the software from your web browser or smartphone (free app for Android or iPhone)
  • Use with any home electronic device (up to standard wall outlet capacity: 125V/15A)

ThinkEco Modlet SmartAC Kit

If you already have a timer on your home's AC thermostat, you already have control over times and temperatures that you want your AC to run at. But, if you don't have a controllable thermostat or if you want more control when you're away from home, consider the ThinkEco SmartAC.

The SmartAC kit includes one modlet, for your built-in air-conditioner, one thermostat remote that enables wireless temperature-based control of your unit, and a USB gateway for your PC/Mac for network connectivity.

  • Wirelessly network your existing built-in air-conditioner
  • Control your room temperature from your smartphone
  • Preset on/off schedules for your air conditioner
  • Track your energy use in and kWh

Take Charge Smart Power Strip

An energy efficient power stripe is the best way to save power without having to unplug your TV, DVD player, video game console, cable box, etc.

The Take Charge Smart Power Strip allows you to set a Master Outlet that will sense when you turn off that device. For example, if your TV is your Master, when you shut off your TV, the power stripe stops the circuit that powers the receptacle, in turn stopping power from being sent to the Secondary devices that are plugged into the strip.

The Take Charge Smart Power Strip cuts off any standby power. It's a great way to stop vampire power for all devices that are plugged in around your television or desktop computer.

This Smart Power Strip includes two receptacles that power devices that need contstant power (like a fridge).

  • 8 receptacles that include 2 always on, 5 Secondary and the Master
  • Built-in surge protector to make sure that your devices are protected, even when off.
  • 24 inche power cord
  • Line Voltage 120 VAC, Load Rating 15 A, 2-Line protection L-N Noise Filtration 0-30 DB, Joule rating 2400

TrickleStar Energy Saving Power Strip

The TrickleStar power strip is simple to the Take Charge power strip. It's easy to install and great for home and professional use.

The Master control receptacle has detection circuitry to sense when it is on or off so that it can automatically switch on or off four other Secondary devices.

This is a smaller power strip that only includes 7 receptacles with 1 Master and 4 Secondary devices.

The TrickleStar powerstrip is perfect for a computer (the Master) that also have printers, speakers and other devices. Or, you can use the power strip for your television (the Master) with your video game console, DVD player and cable box.

  • 7 outlets that include 1 Master control, 4 Secondary switched outlets and 2 always on outlets
  • Ceramic encased Metal Oxide Varistor components provide greater surge protection
  • Selectable switching thresholds 10W/ 22W/42W to ensure PC and TV compatibility


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