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My Front Yard Garden

Updated on May 13, 2015

Homeowner's Association Concerns

A couple of years ago, I decided that I wanted to plant a few vegetables in my front yard. My reasoning was simple. No vegetables ever survived my back yard. There were too many trees, the soil was bad, and it was our dog's play space.

Mentioning this to a few neighbors, I could tell they were not thrilled with the idea. "I think that is against the HHA rules," one neighbor said. "We are having a meeting in a couple of weeks." I was told. Somehow, they seemed to think that I was going to plow up the entire front yard, and plant corn.

By the time of the Homeowner's meeting, I was ready with my plan. "It will only be a small area." I assured my neighbors. "Just the space in front of the garage, and there will be a mix of flowers and vegetables."

As it turned out, my garden was approved. Probationary, until the next meeting in six months.

Planning A Front Yard Garden

I knew that for my garden to be both attractive, and productive, it had to start with a plan. This is true for anyone that wants to build an attractive garden space. I drew my plan out on paper, and added the elements that were already present.

I had already planted two small fruit trees, and a muscadine vine in the space. Starting with these plants, it was easy to envision. First of all the muscadine was going to need more space to grow. It had already taken off like a wildfire.

I drew in a fence and trellis to support the muscadine. Next I decided on round planters for a combination of vegetables, and flowers.

Hanging planters would be added for herbs, and freestanding pots for more flowers. I could already visualize my plan!

Early Garden Photos

Rough draft
Rough draft | Source
Onions | Source
Planters placed
Planters placed | Source

Straw Bales for 2015

After watching some gardening videos on "You Tube," I decided to add some straw bales to my garden this year. So far I have been very happy with this. They look attractive, and keep weeds out of the plants. Another plus, is that you can care for the plants without bending down. I am hoping that if I take care of them when the season is over, they will last for another year, or more.

Watch the video below for some Straw Bale information.

Straw Bale Gardening DIY

My Garden Today


Gardening Poll

Do you have a non-traditional garden?

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Walkway Planter

This planter has flowers.  Also, potatoes, and lettuce are planted.
This planter has flowers. Also, potatoes, and lettuce are planted. | Source

Making the Best of Small Spaces

While the area in front of the garage is my main garden area, I also have some other small gardens around my front yard. I have a three tiered round planter near the front walkway. This planter has mostly flowers, but also has some potatoes, and lettuce.

On the front porch there are some hanging planters. These have tomatoes and eggplants. Cherry tomatoes seem to do well in the hanging planters.

If you have never tried a non-traditional garden, I would say to go for it. A garden can be both attractive, and functional. Mine has passed the probationary period! Yours can too.


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    • susansisk profile imageAUTHOR

      Susan Sisk 

      3 years ago from Georgia, USA

      Thank you all for reading, and for your nice comments.

    • torrilynn profile image


      3 years ago

      I like gardens and I like to help when someone is going to build a garden. If you don't have enough room in the backyard, then I see nothing wrong with building one in the front yard. thanks for the hub. Best of wishes.

    • peachpurple profile image


      3 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      You drew very well and seems that you had suceeded

    • Patsybell profile image

      Patsy Bell Hobson 

      3 years ago from zone 6a, SEMO

      "Not everyone has the luxury of the perfect garden space.." I believe those creative and challenging areas always turn out the best.

    • The Dirt Farmer profile image

      Jill Spencer 

      3 years ago from United States

      What a marvelous job you've done of using space creatively and well. Shared and voted up!


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