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My Masterbath Bathroom Renovation

Updated on August 29, 2012

My DIY Bathroom Adventure

The adventure started a year ago when my wife and I began talking about remodeling our master bathroom. This wasn’t just a remodel in the sense of changing a few towels, and a throw rug with a new coat of paint. This was the entire bathroom. Everything was to go through a complete redo.

The lists began to stack up. We had a list of flooring options, paint options, counter top options, sink options, cabinet options, and of course tub and shower options. The interesting part was deciding which one from each of our lists would compliment each other.

My wife is somewhat of a master at interior design and it’s a shame it hasn’t turned into a career. She has a knack for putting things together that most would look at and not see the connection. We opted for granite counter tops with square under mount sinks by Kohler. Our budget for most items was just the bottom line as the job got bigger and bigger. I ripped an entire exterior wall down to the studs and insulation to install new backerboard for the shower.

I am someone who doesn’t like to pay contractors except for the jobs where I don’t have the specialized tools and the years of experience in detailed work. In almost every instance where I have called a contractor it was because it would have cost me more to purchase the required tools than paying them to do it in an hour. I had a professional plumber install the pressurized lines after I installed the fixtures. For the shower, we added body sprayers, a hand shower, a diverter, and a massive rain shower head.

I built a new box for the drop-in tub next to the shower thus creating a pony wall between the two. The entire backerboard surface was painted with RedGard for waterproofing which gave me the surface needed for my travertine tile running bond pattern in the shower and the tub surround. My wife and decorator picked out a stone and glass accent tile pattern for a splash at the top of the shower wall as well as around the new tub.

I had a drywall professional match existing texture on my walls only after I had completed the hanging of new drywall, another job I didn’t have the tools for.

The cabinets were resurfaced in a matte black by Rustoleum and the inside of the cabinet doors were cut out for the addition of non-see-through white tempered glass. We opted for LED lighting inside the cabinets to back light the glass which we thought would give it a great look. By reversing the switch added to the cabinet, the LEDs could be turned off when the doors were opened, thus every time the cabinet was closed the LEDs would illuminate.

The glass added to the shower was a tempered 3/8” clear glass with minimal track so it would keep the seamless look. The toilet was changed and new wood flooring was added in the bathroom as well as the adjacent closet. After all was said and done, the paint was refreshed and new lighting fixtures, towel racks, and mirrors were added to top it all off.

Even though I spent over $8,000 dollars on my bathroom, I am happy knowing it would have cost well into the 20s overall had I paid for all the work to be completed by professionals. The bottom line behind all the work which took weeks to complete was that I was able to estimate the savings at approximately $15,000 in that a majority of the work was done by me. I look at what was accomplished and I know I learned along the way. The internet is a powerful tool that most have at their disposal. If you are interested in completing a project, big or small, do your research first. Read articles and how-to blogs regarding the type of project you want to start. There are so many resources available to you from articles from countless websites to YouTube videos and if you are able to get just a little bit from each of them in order to build, your confidence you will be a step ahead of where you were.



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