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Tools for DIY Home Improvement

Updated on March 29, 2011

From practical homeowners to professional workers, home improvement tools are essential and important. Varieties of tools are available from cordless to corded tools, from lightweight to heavy duty tools. With Cordless tools, you can be able to tackle difficult to reach places without messing the cord elsewhere. But cordless tools are not sometimes as powerful compared to the corded ones. Home improvement tools are important and a must to have in every household, where a large number of repairs, modification and maintenance to be done.

At home, there are lots of unexpected and unanticipated flaws which are sprouting and appearing everywhere and sometimes it just need to be taken care of. Yes, I’m talking about broken faucet, broken lamps, broken ceiling, broken window and all that’s broken. These things will give somewhat hassle to you so the point of deciding to repair it will come. But if you’re on a tight budget and you don’t want some professionals to repair it for you then you will definitely need some tools to help you.

Here are the useful tools where it can be useful to you that I am using in our house for repairing, remodeling, modifying and sometimes creating. These tools have somewhat maintained the beauty of our house without giving hassle to other people just to make it done.


Used for working high and hard to reach areas.


The conventional or the electric one for driving screws.

Electric Hand Drill

Useful in drilling holes for screws and drilling places needs to be drilled.


Jig Saw or the conventional saw. For cutting woods/lumbers

Electric Planer

Use for straightening up uneven lumbers.  Shaving rough surfaces.

Sometimes, doing it yourself make things done according to what you wanted it to be.  If you're new to it then maybe someday after few bugs repaired you will be able to earn skills that you can use whenever something happens and needs to be done.  In this process you will learn and gain knowledge in what you are doing.

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