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Need To Know For Your Bamboo Sheets to Last Longer

Updated on September 9, 2016

After giving you enough knowledge about bamboo sheets in my previous posts, I would like to bring you another knowledge you need to know after buying your first ever set of bamboo bedding. But wait, have you bought one already? If not, you can check out Hotel Luxury’s Bamboo bed sheets. It is on sale and is earning great reviews from the last time I checked. There are also other bed sheet sets to choose from if you are still not satisfied with its features. Here are tips on what to look for when buying this kinds of bedding.

3 Things to Consider When Buying Bamboo Sheets

  • 100% Bamboo

Of course, you will be spending money when buying this set so you must have to check if it is really made out of 100% bamboo or just blended with other fibers. Bamboo made bed sheets are more durable and are finer than when combined with other yarns.

  • Shrinkage and Softness

When you bought your first bed sheet set, it came with flat and fitted sheets so you might not want it to unfit to your mattress after numerous washing. Bamboo bed sheets usually stay soft and silky after several uses that is why we need to go for quality brands to ensure your sheets are really made of bamboo.

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

Some stores and brands offer guaranteed satisfaction basing on their customers experiences and reviews. If you have a friend who has already tried more than one brand, try asking her if which is better and why.

After buying your bamboo bedding, there are also care tips you should consider. We gathered here the most important ones to ensure that your sheets will last longer than what you expected.

Washing Machine

After buying the bed sheet, you should wash it right away. It is safe to wash it in a washing machine but you can also hand wash it. When washing in the machine, set it to gentle setting to ensure that it will last longer and that you will not waste your money easily.


Bamboo sheets are recommended to be washed in cold water. We understand that there are times when you need to use warm water but to avoid shrinkage, the best to use is cold water.


If you do not want to hurt your bed sheet investment, you should not use bleaching products and fabric conditioners. These sheets are already naturally soft and smooth so why still use fabric conditioners, right?


Like we mentioned earlier, bamboo sheets are prone to shrinkage especially on hot temperatures. Drying your sheets under the sun is still the best. You can tumble dry it afterwards if the weather is gloomy but put the temperature to the lowest possible heat to take good care of your sheets. Wrinkles on the sheets are normal after laundry but you do not need to iron it every time you wash it. Just lay it flat on your bed or if you still want to iron it, do not put it to the maximum heat.

Giving extra care to our linens is listed in our household chores. After buying home wares, we also have to practice keeping all user manuals or guidebooks and follow the instructions from the manufacturers because they still know what is best for the products they produced.


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