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How to Handle School Bullying

Updated on October 21, 2014

Beware of the Bully


Be on the Lookout for Bullying

Bullying is a constant problem within the school system. Children may not want to come forward about being bullied, they may feel a shamed, or afraid that things will get worst for them if they come forward. That's why it's extremely important that parents and school officials pay close attention to the signs. If they notice that a student is being picked on than they are obligated to step in. No one should let bullying go. It continues to cause a lot of damage to children and a lot students have committed suicide because of it.

What are Some bullying Signs

When a student is being bullied they may express anger and go through a variety of emotions. They'll show signs of depression and will try avoid areas where the bullying takes place. They may become withdrawn and their grades may suffer. Bullying is serious and you want to make sure that you're very observant and although these are some of the signs that may suggest bullying is taking place, it isn't always the case, you may have to do a little investigating to find out for sure that bullying is taking place. Don't be afraid to communicate with the student or students. If you're unsure how to approach the situation than you may want to alert a school counselor or administration about your suspicions.

Pay Attention to Bullying

If you saw Someone Being Bullied Would you Report it?

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Bullying Victims and the Damages

When a student is bullied they go through all sorts of emotions. They're angry with their bullies and with themselves. They feel anger because they wished they stood up to their bullies and they often wonder why they're being bullied. Bullying leaves deep wounds. The student will need therapy to cope with what has happened to them. It may take sometime for them to heal and some may need life long therapy. A lot of bullying victims become suicidal. It's so important to get help for the victim and the bully needs help as well.

The School Bully


Communicate When it Comes to Bullying

If you notice that a student is being bullied than you should talk about it. You don't have to say the name of the student or students involved but you could have a class discussion about it. It's something that really needs to be addressed. You wouldn't want to let the conversation slip you by and than hear something went wrong, intervention is necessary, don't hesitate to have that discussion. Do what you can when it comes to bullying. Care, be compassionate, and understanding. Both the bully and the victim need attention.

Don't Allow Bullying to Take Over Your School

School should be safe and there should be sufficient protection. Of course there's no way to prevent bullying and no adult can catch bullying all of the time but the more staff and students are educated about bullying than there's likelihood that it could decrease within the school system. Having assemblies will help, and allowing students to talk about bullying is a great way to create interaction, perhaps this will encourage students to be friends instead of enemies.

Please Stop Bullying



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