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New and Unique Tomato Varieties to Grow in 2012

Updated on March 2, 2012

It's just about that time of the year again! The weather has been warming up a bit, and that means it's almost time to start sowing those tomato seeds! While old-man-winter is trying to plan his final attack, we can start to plan our 2012 vegetable gardens. Finding the newest and most unique seeds to grow in my garden allows me to think warmer thoughts, and at least mentally escape these final frost-ridden mornings. Below are a few new tomato seed varieties that really caught my eye in the Gurney's Seed and Nursery 2012 Spring Catalog.

Gurney's Orange Whopper

These monstrous-sized beefsteak tomatoes are said to pack the flavor of an heirloom while still providing the superior disease resistance of a hybrid. The vibrant hue of these large orange fruits promise to add a new color to both my tomato bed, and homemade salsa! Said to weigh in at up to 1 1/2 lbs. a piece, I can't wait to slice the first one up for one of my favorites; a simple grilled cheese sandwich with fresh tomato.

Principe Borghese

Principe Borghese is an heirloom tomato variety originating from Italy, and is commonly used for sun-dried tomatoes. These plants allegedly will stand tall even in extreme heat, and will provide an abundance of plum-sized tomatoes which are great to eat fresh, to make homemade sauces, and to dry.

Green Zebra

Different from most varieties, Green Zebra is an heirloom tomato that will remain green (with yellow stripes) even when fully ripe. These small to medium sized tomatoes will grow to weigh approximately 3 oz. each. The catalog describes the flavor of this rare tomato as "a tasty, unique zing". I'm really looking forward to tasting a Green Zebra for myself. I have never tried a fried green tomato before, but I will this summer. I think my taste buds may be in for a real treat!

Big Rainbow

The name of this tomato caught my attention. After seeing a few pics and reading some reviews I just knew I had to order a packet of Big Rainbow tomato seeds. Truly unique, this variety resembles an over-sized peach. Each one of these beautiful tomatoes are capable of growing up to 2 full pounds! Having a rich balance of sugars and acid, the taste is described as "truly old-fashioned". The catalog also states that Big Rainbow is resistant to cracking ( which I have had problems with in the past), and that sealed the deal for me.

The four unique new-comers listed above should fill in whatever space I have left in my relatively small yard, and complete my garden for the 2012 growing season. I have high hopes for my garden this year, and I'm looking forward to coming back here to share photos, and let you know how these babies taste once I begin to harvest. I'm always willing to try something new in my garden, so if you have the scoop on an outstanding seed; please do share! I always save some seeds from my best performing plants for the following year. Maybe we could get a little seed-swap thing going here. Who knows, it might be fun! Good luck in your garden!


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    • DIYmyOmy profile image

      DIYmyOmy 5 years ago from Philadelphia, PA

      Makes me hungry (and ready for summer) just to read about these varieties--and to look at the luscious photos! Voted up and useful, very nice thanks!