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New House To Do List

Updated on December 30, 2010

So you've recently got a new house, or apartment. There are so many things you need, and you don't even know where to begin. I've compiled a nice list of things that you'll need to get in order to survive. The best part about it, is its printable! You can locate my list for printing here. This is a detailed list on things that need to be done when moving into a new place, and will be very helpful for first time house owners.

New House To Do List

Buy Kitchen Supplies: Paper Towel, Plates, Cups, Bowls, Utensils, Silverware, Salt ect.

Make Sure Mail is Forwarded to New Address

Find local grocery stores

Figure out trash service, water service, electricity, cable, and property tax info

Buy blinds for windows, or drapes, which ever.

By necessary appliances: washer, dryer, can opener, refrigerator

Write Detailed List of What bills are do, when.

Buy food, and pantry items.

Get to know your neighbors close by.

Learn all about local do's and don'ts

Find necessary information on schools, ect.

Compile emergency information, and put somewhere safe.

Change locks on ALL doors, and make sure all windows are locked as well.

Buy bathroom supplies: toilet paper, shower curtain, rug, soap, hygiene products, ect.

Buy necessary home improvement items.

Clean all counter tops, and bathroom appliances.

Buy towels for both kitchen, and bathroom use.

Don't put off organizing, or things will remain in boxes forever!

Set up furniture, and devise room plans.

Locate: Water Heater/Softener, Electricity Outlets, and Heating devices.

Examine all lighting options.

Examine outside of house for any damage.

Figure out information on house insurance/renters insurance.

Take all necessary fire precautions.

Enjoy your new house! Invite over friends and family!

When I first purchased my house I felt so completely overwhelmed. That was two years ago, and these are things that we're STILL trying to get out of the way. I thought of everything I possibly could, and compiled this list to help others out. The most important thing to do is relax. There are things that are top priority, and things that can be put off. Enjoy your new house!


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