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Survival homes next evolution in construction

Updated on November 1, 2019
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As a Firefighter for Miami Dade County during Hurricane Andrew I saw the need for better home construction and more safe rooms.

Devastation of Hurricane Michael

Hurricane Michael has shown the need for the next evolution in home construction. Indestructible homes can be built cheaper than the conventional homes being built today. Thin shell concrete homes eliminate three building trades, especially wood truss roofs. If your home is not tornado proof, it is not hurricane proof!

Thin shell concrete structures
Thin shell concrete structures | Source

Cheapest method of concrete construction

No heavy machinery required and can be built by hand. Currently the 24 X 60 12 foot high single story home being built at North Port, Florida will take approximately 35 cubic yards of concrete to encapsulate the steel bars in six inches of Sakrete 5000 psi mix.

Eliminating mechanical application can create jobs.

Rebar forming

No bearing walls no roof to blow off

Once steel bar is tied into the foundation and six inches of concrete encapsulating steel cage you have a structure that will crack but will not break.

Tornado and flood proof

Single solid concrete shell open ends

A thin shell monolithic concrete home is a single, solid concrete structure. The foundation and shell are all tied together. If this home moves the entire foundation must be picked up. By leaving the ends open allows water to flow without resistance during a flood situation.

Access to the roof gives approximately 14 feet, this is not enough if near the coastline for a single story model, Hurricane Dorian had tidal surge to 26 feet. Once the tidal surge / flood is over the concrete only needs to be pressure cleaned and or patched if any penetration has occurred. Penetration to a thin shell concrete home will not hamper the structure since there are no bearing walls. During the war with Iraq bunkers had holes in them by allied rockets but the remaining building would be intact.

Exterior foam insulation and waterproofing

Exterior insulation for new and old homes

Closed cell 3 pound foam insulation is a marvelous product. At 3 inches it becomes structural at one time a home near Orlando, called Xanadu, was completely built out of foam no steel. Homes of the future and older homes retrofitted with exterior closed cell foam will no longer have heat, vapor or moisture touching the main structure plus foam will strengthen older wood frame homes.

Once exterior has been encapsulated with roofing foam there will be no more air leaks and the interior temperature becomes constant. Having a constant temperature requires less energy to maintain a desired temperature therby reducing the cost for required for an alternative energy system.

Composting Toilets elephant in the room

So much talk about alternative energy yet nobody speaks about alternative human waste.

Technology today has tweaked composting toilets, no smell, no mess and environmentally friendly. This should be the method of disposal in every human dwelling. Bunker homes of the future North Port, Florida, will offer not only wind and solar alternative energy systems buyers will also be offered composting toilets by Sun-Mar composting toilets.

Florida next boomtown

Bunker homes on your lot affordable housing

Port Charlotte, Florida will be the next boomtown in Florida. With thousands of lots on paved roads minutes from i75 for $3,000 or less it is amazing to me, I remember when swamp land went for 10 times more.

Port Charlotte and surrounding areas should be constructing homes of the future not the same of the past. DRD Enterprises Inc of Davie not only plans to construct indestructible homes capable of being off grid this company will create a workforce of manual laborers demonstrating how to put people back to work.

Where will you go when the wind blows?

5293 Basket Street North Port, Florida

Pre Construction sale owner builder

Notice to Commence construction on Basket Street lot for single story 2/2 1,400 sq ft home. Will sell pre construction this gives you control over each step of the completion, paint color, appliances, windows, doors etc.

Numerous lots for sale in and around the Port Charlotte area that can be bought to be built on or as a owner builder.


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