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Old modular furniture painted in white!

Updated on August 30, 2017
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There is a story that never gets boring - it's the happy end Couple play differently. From the life of players in adult life, some sentence

A lot of time has passed before I decided on this step but I admit that the main reason was the cash register! I remember standing with "P" in one of the furniture stores and
 staring at the white chest. The chest of drawers was wooden with a beautiful natural texture, and on the dresser there was a price: 3,500-.

Let's find out ... for such a price I would buy the entire set in the lounge, not just the dresser. I returned furiously at home, looking disgusted at our old furniture - 
I was ready to get rid of them once and for all when she reflected: could she paint them? Okay, paint it - but what next? After all these pieces of furniture were made of plates,
 smooth, without any texture what would it look like?
I had a choice, either painted or I take credit for a chest of drawers - and today I have hand-painted furniture :)
For some kitsch, for others the work of art - one thing, we worked with them both. I dreamed of wooden furniture, painted white, so I have imitated such furniture.

Step 1
We used the old layer of paint we used for that different thickness of paper - from coarse starting. We used such sponges with LM.

Step 2
Acetone-cloth and degreasing the entire surface before painting

Step 3
The first layer of white enamel applied with a roller designed to paint furniture.

Step 4
Because the enamel is drying quickly, with a natural bristle brush, I applied 2 layers simultaneously while forming a "wood jar" 
to make the whole surface look more like "once painted wood" smeared the paint in different directions.

Prepared elements I left for 2h to dry, and then applied a layer of lacquer. The next coat of lacquer I applied after 12 hours.
The room is still not finished, there are still some furniture to paint especially my beautiful round table, but about it another time.

It was also important to mention the handles that gave the new character the old modular furniture.

Paint: Snow acrylic enamel, wood and metal; White silky shine;
Varnish: Vidaron; Acrylic lacquer colorless silky gloss;
Handles from LM.


© 2017 Justyna


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