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Separating the Junk from the Treasures

Updated on May 7, 2013

Cleaning Up My Junkyard

I finally tackled the yearly spring cleaning of the backyard and garage; something I dread doing but something that must be done. Over the years I have managed to collect a lot of stuff that I don't use; a lot of the stuff I collected I had planned to fix up and use but never got to the fixed stage with much of my stuff. I noticed my place was starting to look like "Sanford and Sons" this was a sitcom that took place at a junkyard. I started to complain about some of the stuff that I felt I could part with. I didn't want to end up on a future episode of the show "Hoarders" so I decided it was time to part with many things that were just gathering dust and no longer being used.

Selling and Donating

I managed to get many things sold on-line that was great making some money on stuff I no longer used. I was happy that these things would be used once again by their new owners. I managed to round up about 8 bags of clothes to be donated to good will. Many of these articles of clothing I had kept for years hoping that I would someday fit back into them. Well they have been in and out of fashion and they still don't fit I finally came to grips that it was time to let these clothes go to someone who will be able to wear them.

Deciding What Stays and What Goes

At times it was difficult parting with certain items that I had a special attachment to; but in my heart I knew that letting go of certain things was the right choice. Many things I got rid of hadn't been used by me in years but as soon as it was time to decide whether to part with them or not it became hard to make the decision to let them go. I did manage to part with a lot of stuff but there were certain items that I could not part with; even though I no longer used them I still wanted to know they were there if and when I needed them.

Off to the Dump

I made my way to the dump with a big load of junk from my clean-up. I was so happy to see the yard looking much less cluttered. I am the one who hates clutter so I was the one pushing to get rid of things and complaining about stuff that I wanted out of there. I have only scratched the surface so far but its a start.

I Picked Up Patio Set at Dump

After all my lecturing about no more clutter and everything must go attitude I seen a patio set at the dump and I had to have it. No sooner had I cleared out the trailer full of junk when I was loading it back up with patio furniture. I was delighted thinking of the treasure I found at the dump! This patio set had some surface rust and needed a coat of paint; it was solid steel and was coming home with me. I sanded it and painted it orange (one of my favorite colors). It is like a brand new patio set to me. I bought some cushions for it at a bargain shop and I must say it looks great. I am glad I took the patio set from the dump; but I am still working on trying to get rid of more stuff. Hopefully I will get better at sending more stuff out than taking more stuff in but in the meantime I am dining tonight at my new/old patio set!


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    • Pamela-anne profile image

      Pamela-anne 6 years ago from Miller Lake

      I believe that has a ring of truth to it Claudia Marie thanks for your comment. I am on the hunt for some cheap storage bins so I can clear my upstairs out this is the next leg of my downsizing journey. Take care and thanks again for your comment.

    • Claudia Marie profile image

      Claudia Marie 6 years ago

      As they say, if you don't use it for a year, best to lose it or get rid of it.

    • profile image

      Veronica 6 years ago

      Boy this puts me in the mood for a good clean up

      Keep up the good work