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Orchid the Flower of Perfection

Updated on May 20, 2013


The orchid has been a part of Chinese culture for many centuries; as well as part of its history,art, literature and is also used in Chinese medicine. The Chinese believed that the orchid stood for friendship, refinement, beauty and nobility. It is known to have an incredible 1.8 million living species, this is very impressive to say the least. The orchid comes in so many different shapes, colors and sizes I'm sure there is an orchid for each and every one of our tastes.

Confucius Says

The following was written by the great Philosopher 'Confucius' in which he compares the orchid to a man of principles. "An orchid in a deep forest sends out its fragrance even if no one is around to appreciate it. Likewise, men of noble character hold firm to their high principles, undeterred by poverty." - Confucius (551-479BC)

Orchid Shows Around the World

Orchids are also a very big international industry especially in Asian countries. Taiwan is a leader in the breeding and distribution of orchids. There is an annual 'Taiwan International Orchid Show' it is a wonderful show of colors to amaze you as you stare at all the natural beauty on display. If however you are looking for an orchid show a little closer to home in say Southern Ontario then you are in luck! The 'Orchid Show and Sale' at the Cambridge Hespeler arena is on Saturday Sept. 29/2012 between 11am to 5pm and Sunday Sept 30/2012 between 9am to 5pm. I myself am planning to attend this show I am looking forward to enjoying this colorful experience.

Used in Chinese Medicine

Not only is this wonderful species of flower a delight to the eye; but it is used as a main ingrediant in Chinese medicine to cure or aide different ailments. The 'Dendrobium nobile' is a medicinal orchid used to cure ailment such as kidney disease or indigestion. The medicinal orchid 'Blettilla striata' is injested to aide in stopping bleeding. The tubers or rhizomes of the 'Gastrodia elata' aide in treating conditions such as dizziness, hypertension and convulsions.


In the orchids case it is not only wonderful to gaze at to enjoy it's beauty but it also has many other functions that it is used in or for. I must say my favorite function of the orchid is the pleasure it gives me in a visual sense; enjoying the physical beauty of the flower is a wonderful natural high! I look forward to attending an orchid show or two!

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