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Oregon: Residential Insulation Rebate Programs

Updated on July 18, 2010

 Oregon state is home to some of the most magnificent landscapes of the United States.  It is also know throughout the the U.S. for it's citizens performing energy efficient measures before it was popular to do so.  Insulation is a major factor in keeping a the usage of energy to a minimum. If you find yourself struggling to find enough extra funding to insulation your home efficiently, this may be what you need to complete an insulation project.

Energy Efficiency Rebate Program

This program is being sponsored by multiple utility companies in the state of Oregon to allow those who want to make energy efficient upgrades to their building envelope a reality.  The rebate varies from utility to utility, but generally the rebate will cover approximately 40% of the total project cost.  Because it is a rebate, you pay the full amount of the cost of insulation.  Once you pay for the insulation, Energy Star qualifies the work performed in your home and a rebate check is sent to your address.  This program also offers incentives for upgrading appliances, water heaters, and agricultural equipment that affects the energy performance of a building.  Not all utilities participate in the Energy Efficiency Rebate Program, but many areas have comparable programs available to it's utility users.


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